Economic View: White Farmers Are Not Land Thieves

By Rabelani Dagada As I was contemplating this opinion piece, I remembered the old adage; if you tell a lie several times, you may end up believing it. Moreover, some of your listeners may start to believe your lie. That’s exactly what happened in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government and its governing party’s propaganda created an

By Rabelani Dagada

As I was contemplating this opinion piece, I remembered the old adage; if you tell a lie several times, you may end up believing it. Moreover, some of your listeners may start to believe your lie. That’s exactly what happened in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government and its governing party’s propaganda created an impression that white farmers owned most of the country’s farming land. This was not true; Zimbabwean white farmers only owned about 20 percent of the land. The Zimbabwean government portrayed white farmers as the author of poverty among blacks. Again, this was not true because there were actually thriving black farmers in Zimbabwe, but their participation in farming was disrupted when the land grabs destroyed the value chain and agri-business. The government sponsored land grabs in Zimbabwe exacerbated poverty in that country.

There are lots of disturbing similarities between Zimbabwe and South Africa (SA). The South African public policy in agriculture and land affairs was meant to empower black people and to eradicate poverty. However, since the African National Congress’ (ANC) government introduced the minimum wage regime in the farming sector, more than one million jobs have been lost and the biggest losers are black farm workers. Where Zimbabwe once had a thriving agricultural sector, it has now been all but destroyed. This is also happening in SA – thanks to ill conceived public policy this country has now become a net importer of food and things are getting worse. While the Zanu PF government in Zimbabwe discouraged investors through its indigenisation policy (black empowerment), the South African government is contemplating a 50/50 redistribution land plan.

I don’t foresee the unconstitutional 50/50 redistribution land plan being implemented, but it has already created huge damage by discouraging foreign direct investments. Of course, local investments will also be negatively affected; farmers and banks will largely suspend investments in the agricultural sector due to policy uncertainty. Like the Zimbabwean farmers, some South African farmers will continue to leave this country. We used to have a thriving agricultural sector in SA, but our farmers have been forced into early retirement and migration. Twenty seven countries have approached the agricultural union, AgriSA to recruit our farmers to their countries. More than 800 South African commercial farmers have migrated to Mozambique; yes – SA is importing their products. Half of the farmers in Zambia are South Africans. Some foreign countries are offering 0% VAT on primary supply of agricultural products to our experienced farmers and some of these farmers have already benefited from the Georgian offer of 0% of property tax on property transaction.

The ANC and its government have created a narrative which portrays white farmers as thieves of land that rightfully belongs to the indigenous people of this country. Although these farmers benefited from the apartheid system, it’s disingenuous to attribute the 1913 Land Act to them; they were not yet born. On the other hand, the government’s bad public policy and corruption are responsible for escalating poverty in SA. It’s unfair to blame white farmers for the mismanagement of the land restitution; the blame should be attributed to the poor project management within the government. Most of the land that was attained by black farmers through the land restitution process is commercially redundant. The government failed to craft a Local Economic Development (LED) framework that will assist traditional communities to use the land commercially.

The Royal Bafokeng and Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela were able to formulate their own LED framework and governance structures. The upshot of this has been impressive economic development by these two traditional communities. My ‘thumb-suck’ estimations are that there are about 10 million beneficiaries of the land restitution policy who could maximise the acquired land commercially and become economically empowered. Interestingly, these people automatically acquired the mining rights when they received the land. It is very clear that the government has no plan for how to assist the people who have already acquired land.

If we are serious about fixing South Africa, we should create a public policy that would enable the ‘boer’ (farmer) to come back to farming and ‘maak ‘n plan’. Experienced farmers (white) and new (mostly black) farmers should work together. Black farmers will bring the land while their experienced counterparts bring their massive experience.

The ANC government and unions should start to appreciate the role of farmers in providing food security and creating jobs. Our public policy should be formulated in such a way that most experienced farmers can still own land because in the absence of land, banks won’t give them funding. Actually, all farmers should be given financial support and subsidies regardless of their race.

While the Asian countries and Europeans appreciate and empower their farmers, here in SA the ANC government treats them with contempt and suspicion; this should stop. Massive economic development in China and Asia were stimulated by a thriving agriculture sector. Growth in agriculture boosts productivity in manufacturing and services sectors – this leads to job creation.

Dagada is a Development Economist based at the Wits Business School. He is on Twitter: @Rabelani_Dagada

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  • Rene Kruger

    Very astute, sir. Why aren’t you in government?

    • mvniekerk

      Because he is DA, and talks too much sense.

    • rolivhuwa muhashela

      wow because he is sidelining with the white bandwagon all of a sudden he makes sense? then as someone who seeks clearer truth i have a right to be worried.

      • Rüdiger Thiede

        Ah, so according to you, plain common sense is something that only white people (and people on the “white bandwagon,” whatever that means) can understand? Well, okay, if you say so I’ll take your word for it.

        • Vitor Mosca

          Once again Rudiger, why bring race or colour into this conversation? Common sense has no colour. White people, black people who gives a crap, it has no bearing on rational thinking! The sooner we start discussing things as South Africans, and South Africans ONLY, the sooner we become a prosperous nation!

          • Rüdiger Thiede

            You managed to completely miss my point, I think. Reread what I wrote and try to understand the context of it. I am pointing out the flaw in someone’s logic by taking it to its conclusion. You are right to say that we should stop being hung up on race, but you’re misattributing the racist opinions to me while I’m pointing them out in someone else. Make sense yet?

          • Vitor Mosca

            Rudiger, i apologise. Thank you for pointing it out to me. Eish, these white people, always jumping the gun without reading things carefully!

          • Rüdiger Thiede

            Ja this white tendency hey! Hehe no worries 🙂

      • Mathys du Preez

        Trol of the worst order, yes you, muhashela, you’re a hivemind like no other, cannot initiate an original thought, like a true bully you can only antagonise by attempting to unsay what others say or, like in this instance, stigmatise those from a different school of thought, that school being the victims of the likes of you and your ilk, these thoughts sir along with the refusal to tolerate others is what is wrong with this country and it is exactly what the author is talking about. But you just wouldn’t get it, now would you? Not until the last grain had been destroyed and the last white had been driven into the ocean so that you could sit on an undeveloped land in the sun with a blown up belly swatting flies, still thinking the very same thoughts.

        • rolivhuwa muhashela

          listen to me am just a 21 year old south african who just grew up into a country whereby black people own the minority of their indigenous land, and since then am still asking myself what happened, and all white people say is that they worked hard to get this land, ok fine so you did because you belong to Africa now, i agree all am saying is that white people don’t want to open up with us or at least try to console us, console us give us black people with qualifications some of the land your forefathers have been having it since they arrived in africa anyway you have had the upper hand all this time at least, why cant we agree on that. truth is you people dont know how much we are hurting especially the current generation we want justice, am studying agriculture, in animal science, i have learned so much theoretically and practically and am i studying farming in order to watch and be someones subordinate? of course i am a black person who works really hard just as you white people do so much, my problem is that WHERE ON EARTH DO WE GET LAND ON OUR OWN BLOODY LAND SO THAT WE TOO CAN BE AS COMMERCIAL AND POWERFUL AS YOU PEOPLE, MY PROBLEM IS WHERE IS OUR BLOODY LAND BECAUSE WE WANT IT.THE ANSWER IS WHITE MAN IS SELLING IT, AFRICAN LAND, THIS IS INJUSTICE AND IMMORAL.

          • african4

            You fail to take into consideration that there are 30,000 commercial farmers in SA and over 4 million whites.

            This means that only 0.6% of whites farm.

            99.4% of whites do not own any land at all.
            We make our money by applying the skills that we aquired through experience and education.

            Once you look at the fact that 99.4% of whites do not own any land, your whole argument falls flat.

            Education is the only means to liberate yourself, because highly educated people are nearly never poor.

            By education I do not mean the ability to read and write. I mean a meaningful degree with mathematics and science as a basis.

          • rolivhuwa muhashela

            Thank you for such rightful information it signals the fate of us i see, “get education that is where your fate lies”-true true am busy studying my butt off i believe other folks my age are doing so too, for someone born and bred in rural areas i just thought of farming as a way to a living that is all.

          • Rene Kruger

            So if a black man came to your house that two generations of your black family worked for and paid for, claiming it as his own because his black family lived there before your black family, then you would hand it over? Because, Black. Great cognitive reasoning.

          • D Blyth

            Farming is a very risky business – think carefully before owning a farm

          • Just Saying

            Good luck. I hope you continue to study and better yourself. I hope your determination leads to your success and in turn you can help others uplift themselves and believe in themselves. You will be an inspiration to those also starting out on their journeys.

          • african4

            Blacks are the only group with indegenous land.

          • PointBlankZA


          • Coenraad Loubser

            Just education is not enough. Look at Robert Mugabe… how many degrees does he hold? We need more world knowledge, common sense, along with our education. We need to make friends with our enemies and learn how they live, to truly appreciate the fact that they really are, just like us.

          • Peeved

            Young man, ‘black’ ownership statistics are completely different to what you are being fed by government – in KZN the majority of land is already owned by ‘blacks’. Just go and look up how much land is held by the Ngonyama Trust – who is the sole Trustee? King Goodwill Zwelethini. Suggest you go and ask him for some of that land and put it to good use – any use at all will be better than what is happening to it at present!!!

          • Donovan de Swardt

            All I am reading here is that you expect to get land for free while the rest of us have to work our buts off in order to be able to afford to buy a house. I am 25, don’t own property, my parents have never owned property and so on and so on, but you don’t see us bitching and moaning. The land that is currently owned, was bought and developed by its current occupants, not stolen. If you know law, you will know that land is not capable of being stolen. Yes there were injustices in the past, but you did not live back in 1912, nor did anyone who is currently alive. The act of violently dispossessing people of their land dates back to Roman times and is simply immoral and inhumane, but cannot be reversed by punishing people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. So your farther breaks into a premises, should you then go to jail as well? One expects the younger generation of people to be more intelligent and socially reformed, but you are just a dumb racist prick.

          • Mashau

            Hey Donovan stop fulling us we did not live back then i agree with you but the is lot of mistek happen back then that is why we want to rectify that. the will be no violent if you coporate with Africans. since i have following this debate Europen or Non African People your heads are empty most of you act as if you think too much while you think rubbish

          • Coenraad Loubser

            Mashau, do you know who your great-grandfather is? Did he keep notes? How about his dad? How about his? Do you know what your great-great-great-great-great grandfather did, and why? Do you know how he met his wife? Do you know what he dreamt of for his great-great-great-great-great grandchildren? Do you still tell your children the stories he told his children?

            Jan van Riebeeck landed in the Cape 16 of your generations ago. 8 of your generations ago, there were as many white as black people on this land. My ancestors came here 13 generations ago.

            Do you know why some people have so much more than others? It’s because they communicate through generations, by keeping records, writing songs, diaries, stories, setting up corporations.

            Do you know how Jan van Riebeeck managed to make it to the Cape? By keeping records.

            Do you know why the British Empire could become so large? Because they could keep records.

            Do you know why the Roman Empire could grow so large? Yes, because they could keep records.

            Literacy and recordkeeping is at the heart of any system of control, because it allows that system to reflect on itself, and improve itself, and grow.

            Before we could keep records, we could hardly survive. Only now that we are very good at it, can we harvest enough food to keep enough people alive for long enough so that there can be so many of us.

            So, lets go back… say…. 8000 generations. The year is 200 000 BC. Where is everybody staying? IN AFRICA. So where do I come from? I come from Africa.

            You see, we are all Africans. Even the Chinese and the Americans.

            By your thinking – tell me, if it was not for this “European” technology – do you think you would have been born? I think not. So therefore, does it not make you a European… if because of Europeans, you were born, and you are here…?

          • Coenraad Du Plooy

            Logical, well said.

          • D Blyth

            This boy has fallen into the ANC/ZANU(PF) habit of calling people who are not of the negroid race “non-Africans”.
            He seems to subscribe to the entitlement culture as well.
            This does not bode well for the country’s future at all if we have people with this mindset – we shall soon follow the way of Zimbabwe

          • Coenraad Loubser

            Donovan, if you want to win an argument, you should refrain from making judgments. Most people would agree with everything up until your last sentence, which you use to throw away everything you said before… one step forward, ten back. Cut your nose to spite your face. Someone threw a stone and now you have to throw one back. Real grown up… so tell me then, if you can not set a good example, who will?

          • Donovan de Swardt

            I had no intention of entering into an argument with the little man above. His logic does not warrant a full on debate with me. Had that been my intention, I would have refrained from name-calling. In any event, calling a person a racist, based on his comments, does not detract from my line of thought, nor is it in contradiction with what I said. There are plenty of racists in our Country, white and black, and no one should be ashamed to call out a racist.

          • Coenraad, I agree with you. I wanted to like his comment, but last sentence was just too insulting and hateful, what a shame. Mr Legal… needs to try understand WHY the other person thinks as he does and discuss that. Insulting anyone is NOT EVER going to win them over.

          • Mathys du Preez

            Well, thanks for the response, at least you are open to ideas and not incapable of other opinions. If you must know, I am a 34 year old South African who applied for a vacant position as a state prosecutor no less than twice and had been blatantly refused a position because of the colour of my skin, so yes I may have a bit of sour grapes because of that, but those sour grapes have no authority, it can cause no harm to anyone, because I am not in the position to create policy much less to implement it, my biased beliefs or prejudice cannot influence the lives of anyone and I do not own the land of which you speak and of which the racially based legislation (that are in place and that is being implemented) is justified. So where do you see yourself in 13 years, when you’re as old as I am? Where do I see me in 13 years?

            There is no one person on this plane who started at the top, not Bill Gates, not Tokyo Sexwhale, not Cyril Ramaphosa not Rafael Nadal, perhaps the queen of Whales, but that is not applicable, the land owners (boere) have had more hardships than you or anyone in your framework of reference, their woman had been starved in concentration camps and their children were killed at the hands of the British, they suffered apartheid laws and could not get work because of the British, yet they did not ever seek to blame anybody, they became stronger by virtue of the things that they thought, that is why you must make a paradigm shift, you must not believe what is fed to you by the powerful propagation engine of the powers that be, you must think holistically and individually, forget the others, let them suffer their own thoughts, apartheid is in the mind and it is alive and well, the only one who can destroy it is you. Good luck on your new journey.

          • Melanie Walsh

            Start small, write a business plan, get a loan and buy a land like most businessmen (farmers are businessmen to) and grow your farm. That is how most farmers got their land, even the white settlers from Europe bought the land (unfortunately for very little). By the way if we are looking into land grabs and history, please find out which South African tribes did not aquire their ancestral land without conquering another tribe? History, even white European history, is about one tribe/country/kingdom fighting another for wealth and power. It is more difficult in mordern times as ethics and democracy is in the forefront. Mandela’s legacy is that all races in South Africa are equal. There cannot be one more equal than another. The problem of imlpementing this is that the white community has a head start. We as a multicultural country should be proud we did not go the way of many other African nations, which is War. Maybe we should look to other countries that went through a similar situation, possibly America, to see what happens through the generations from slavery to their apartheid/segregation and how they have a black president. I hope our government focusses more on educating stabalizing black comunities allowing them to build on what they have over the generations. This will also promote pride in ones achievements.

          • Herman

            Muhashela – Just something to think about. The Hottentots and San lived in South Africa for many years before any other race. Evidence of this is still to be seen all over the Western and Eastern Cape in drawings. In most places that land was taken away by other tribes. How far should one go back before realizing that going back is not going to help? I do hope that you can agree with me on the following??? If a man is put in a position to look after other people ie to serve people but builds himself a castle(No matter where the money came from) – is his heart in the right place??? If you say your main goal is to uplift everyone but you uplift yourself above everyone else… that there is a problem?

          • Chuck

            Actually, the Khoi / San (Hottentot) ppl are genetically as different from the Nguni (black) people as white ppl are. The San’s rock paintings are found everywhere in SA, all the way to the northeast and beyond. The Nguni did not colonize San areas, they completely wiped out the San and took over their areas. By the ANC’s own reasoning, the black people should give all the land to the San people!

          • William Norris

            When the San/Khoi start complaining or forming political movements, we can listen to them.
            All these rationalizations just make things worse.
            Keep it up, the time is at hand.
            Either the Whites of South Africa do things the right way as it was done in Australia, or face the inevitable.

            If Whites want to continue as the owners of South Africa, genocide against Blacks is the only solution. Get it.

          • Coenraad Loubser

            Wow! It takes guts to say what you think, and I respect you responding.

            In 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck landed at the Cape, estimates are that the population of the region that is today’s South Africa, was less than 500 000. This population remained more or less stable, until the urbanization that came from the West started stirring things up, by which time there were almost as many white people as black people.

            The biggest mistake that the government made in the past, was to fear the black people, and to suppress educating them, because history of the past 100 years shows that the more educated you are, the less kids you have (there are exceptions.) That is why there are 40 000 000 black people today, and 10 000 000 white people.

            I am a white person. I don’t have land. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t come from a rich family. I am better off than many, many other people, but what good will come of you discriminating against me, or inciting those who share your skin color, against me?

            The world is controlled by families, not races. There are more white people who feel like you, than there are black people, if you consider everybody in the whole world.

            This is what I think: The earth is indigenous to us all.

            The only reason people have ever discriminated based on superficial things such as race, is because then it is easy to control people, because it is easy for them to identify each other.

            Think about it like this: What if Julius Malema got up and chanted “Kill the illuminati.” …What? The Illuminati? Where are they? How can we kill them? We can’t see them!?

          • Malinda Nel

            Wrong. There are only about 4,500,000 white people left in SA. And a bit more brown.

          • DMTomlinson

            I am white, I also want f-ing land – but I can’t afford it. So what the hell – because of race you “just get shit” for free. It does not work that way unfortunately. You get what you work for – so finish your studies, make your money and buy a f-ing farm. The way the rest did, the way I need to do it if I want it. Do you know how much this pains ALL OF US you racist bastard. If this is the case then all black land and white land needs to go to the koi-san, but that is too convenient a truth.

          • tony marreiros

            Rolivhuwa & Donovan. I read with great sorrow your comments above and bellow and for what i see None will ever solve the problem of this GREAT Country. Let me tell you both a story… I came to this country in 1983 with 2 suit cases and R98.00 in my pocket. The reason? Hope of a better life then the one i was having in Portugal. I could not speak 2 words in English or any other language spoken in this country, but we porras are famous to be able to communicate with and how ever is possible as long as we can understand and make others understand us.I was a fisherman in my country. So i had to learn everything from scratch and that was not easy. My first salary was R1.25 p/h but i was happy with it because i had to start from somewhere. It was a BLACK man that Thought me how to use the cutting torch for the first time, and it was a black man that showed me how to use the welding machine. Did i care? No, i just wanted to learn and survive. It was a white man who thought me to use a micrometer and it was a white man who showed me how to read drawing. Did i care? No, i just wanted to survive. I was called white pig by Black man and See Kaffer by white Afrikaner. Did i care? No, i just wanted to survive. You see, the day i enter the plane that would take me to my new life I made a promise… And that was to never go back to my place of birth worst of what i had left. There was one thing that nobody could teach me and that was DETERMINATION to succeeded. That was given to me by my FATHER. I worked day and night and as much as i could to be able to give my family all that i could not have. You see i left school at 14 and worked 14hrs a day because my father could not give me money to by a ice cream and that for me was very embarrassing as i watched my friends enjoying it i was not able to eat it. The other thing that my father teach me was to respect everybody irrelevant of color, religion,politics or otherwise.In other words respect a man as a man and a women as a women. Do not judge anybody by they appearance and never by what you have heard of them but by what you know of them. So after all that talk where am I and who am I? I’m just the same person that left my country 31 years ago with NOTHING but HOPE. The difference is I have a very successful Engineering Company that employees 500 people and has a turnover of 150 million a year. Did i stole it from ANYBODY? Not at all. I worked my butt out and STOPPED feeling sorry for my self long, long ago and that is how i succeeded. I learned to work with ANYBODY no matter what color, religion and party they belong to.Most of all i learn to RESPECT and take advise from anybody even sometimes from my workers. So Donovan & Rolivhuwa how are you and our GREAT country going to succeeded? First of all respect each other and STOP blaming each other for things that are not to blame. Work together for the future of this Country because one day your children will appreciate the sacrifices that they fathers went though to give them a better life and not carry on with the blame each other for they failures. GOD BLESS US ALL… .

          • Chuck

            God bless you Tony. As a young Afrikaner I can assure you that I and my generation have a lot of respect for Portuguese SAns, as we do for all people. (Of course, the ANC’s corruption and incompetence, plus the horrible crimes committed in this country, makes it sometimes hard for anyone to respect ppl who vote for the ANC, sad but true.)

          • tony marreiros

            Hi Chuck.
            Hi have no doubt that you and your generation as well as many other people have respect for the Portuguese as we have for them. I end up marrying a Africaner with um I have 2 great kids. And you are absolutely right when you say that it is very difficult to respect people who votes for the ANC due to they corruption and horrible crimes committed. My friend, corruption is going on avery were in the world today. Portugal it self is bankrupt due to corruption as it is Greece, Spain, Italy, Irela nd, and most countries in the World, including USA. The thing is that most South Africans don’t really know what is happening outside they country so it is easy to just look at what happens in here. By all means I’m not saying that it is ok for our president to spend 268 million in is house while there are so many people living in shacks, but sooner than later our young people will realise that they making a mistake by voting for them. That will take a while as in their minds there is something much stronger than corruption and that is the crimes that were committed against them. I myself am not sure how would I feel if I had been in their shoes. What this country needs is another Nelson Mandela a man that showed the County and the World the meaning of forgiveness. And so I say to all of those who may read this. Do not blame our young generation for the mistakes made by they forefathers, forgive one another and learn to live together so that this great country that I learned to call mine can grow in peace and tranquillity and be known as the best County in the World. GOD bless us all.

          • Chuck

            Absolutely! And let’s hope that the Mandela attitude grows in our youth, and that the Malema attitude dies, before this country is destroyed by small-minded thinking and a culture that clings to hatred simply because that is so much easier than building a future.

          • Alastair David Gray

            Thanks for sharing your story Tony. People these days need encouragement and inspiration. Mostly all we see is pain and suffering by the masses, and then the greedy fat cats who only care about themselves abusing systems intended to help the underprivileged. It’s good to hear stories about hard work and success. Kudos to you. 🙂

          • William Norris

            In 1983 you had the advantage of having WHITE SKIN. The socio-political capital conferred by your RACE was worth a million rands.

            A Black man at that time had NO OPPORTUNITY to compete with you on an equal footing.

            So please stop trying to claim some kind of entitlement due to hard work. You’re rich mostly because you are WHITE in South Africa. Even TODAY the socio-political capital you own just by being a White man is priceless.

          • Hennie Bekker

            Dear Tony, well said and I hope the younger generation can take a leaf from your book of life. I do hate and will never tollerate racists, from whichever side. Racism is being bred from uncertainty and an inferiority complex. You may recall me as the Member of Parliament for Jeppe and a campaigner of many years for greater understanding and acceptance of people accross the cultural and colour divide. Even being bestowed as an honorary member of Club de Bachalhou and the Diretorio na Portugal & Africa do Sul. Keep up your good work and Bless You and all of Us! Dr Hennie Bekker

          • Reinhild-Heimo Böhmer

            “…WHERE ON EARTH DO WE GET LAND….”

            Why not try Zim – half their indigenous population has fed to neighbouring states to escape starvation (yes, you can believe it !)… and what about Swaziland and Mozambique ??? half their populations live in the RSA , anyway !

          • Matt Raven

            It’s very simple, nothing has changed.
            If you want land then you work, save up, approach the bank for a loan, and buy it.
            None of the farmers around today ‘stole’ or were ‘given’ land, they all had to pay for it.

            Look at Zim, those who were given free land are now starving and the land is standing barren.
            If they worked for it then they would have more motivation to maintain it.

          • rolivhuwa muhashela


          • Coenraad Loubser

            Rolivhuwa, you are already smarter than me if you can respect elders, and I think that can make you more successful. I am now 37, and own two companies, and provide work for 20 people, but I don’t own a house yet. (In fact, SARS almost closed my companies and took my car, because I trusted the wrong people to help me with tax!) I was an arrogant kid and I did not know how to learn from others, and it only made my life difficult. But it is sometimes difficult to know what is true and what is not. The easiest is to believe that nothing is true and test for yourself, and even if you think something is true, still don’t believe it. And never get angry, and accept that you have nothing, and that when you die, you will lose everything, like everyone else. The most difficult lesson I learned was how to treat people who are difficult like me, people who think they know better – and that way is to not tell them how things are, but to ask them how they think, and listen to them, and then ask them again, based on their answers, and only then tell them what I think, if I think they are ready to understand… sometimes it just takes some weeks for somebody to start to understand something difficult. Sometimes they will test it, but if you asked them in a way that made them believe that you care and you listened, and you were good to them, then they will find it easier to trust what you have to say, and not waste time to try to learn it self or do something different that you have already done.

          • Alastair David Gray

            That’s a cool response. Not every situation is a simple as it first appears. Remembering that will take you far in life. Work hard, learn well, play fair, and your rise will be consistent and rewarding. 🙂

          • Gumede783

            So typical. Want, want, want, protrude your arms out & cup your hands. Stop portraying yourself as a victim.

          • Gumede783

            The time has come for African comrades to ‘rise up’ & lose their useless, victim mentalities & sense of entitlement. Africans are not inferior. They can also achieve & be successful on their own, without taking from others. They need to learn to nurture a culture of feeling positive about themselves & stop feeling inferior. Only then will they ‘turn into’ worthwhile responsible citizens.

          • Alastair David Gray

            Rolivhuwa, I hear your frustrations, and sympathise on your perspective. But honestly you need to look objectively at this, and remove the colour issue for a moment. In every country there are the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Are you under the impression that everyone who studies agriculture gets free land once they qualify? Or that the governments of those other countries take any interest on a personal level about you and your wanting land so you can practice what you have learnt? You are getting upset about capitalism, and this is therefore not a racial argument. It is a money based one. I hope you can perhaps see that. I wish you well in your venture to get real practical experience, chase opportunities to borrow money, own land and make it fruitful in the long term. Like most people in the rest of the world have to do. Stop believing that there are any short-cuts to life. There aren’t, I’m sad to say. Good luck! 🙂

          • Neil Pincus

            You BUY it like everybody else. Work, save for a deposit, pay off it over a few decades, just like the white farmer. There, you are now equal.

          • sinudeity

            rolivhuwa – Free market system dude. If you want land, go buy it. Every single white person bought land. If you want land, there are literally hundreds of places where you can acquire land from. As a 21 year old, what makes you think you are entitled to land. White Africans are white Africans. The constitution guarantees that they can own land. Stop whining like a little b111tch and make things happen for yourself. Nobody else will do it for you.


            Buy it , just the same way we had to , just the same as the Boers had to barter with the tribal leaders and councils. If you think that it was free , perhaps you don’t know history very well it is not only black African blood on the soil but White , Coloured & Indian too. White farmers didnt get the land for free , they paid for it , many are STILL paying for it , so there you go Rolivhuwa , get yourself into Debt and buy it from the government , you can’t have for free the farm implements and machinery that the farmer has because he PAID for it or is still paying for it. You are naieve if you think that white people just got things for free , everything comes at a price.

          • ‘Janine Lee Steenkamp

            I am so sick of this “born with silver spoon” mentality. But you just conveniently forget that the British came, scorched & annexed all land in S.A nd that after the wars most Afrikaans speaking people had to work their butts off to buy land from British. My dad grew up very poor & as an adult he worked & studied & raised 3 kids (later on 2 kids) all by himself. We also grew up poorish as he was not qualified for anything yet. In post apartheid S.A (1998) I was not accepted in university for my (white) color skin. I couldn’t get a beurs due to my (white) skin color. So I followed his lead. I study through an international online university while working 2 jobs & raising kids. And after my bachelors we’re out of here as I won’t be able to pursue my career in S.A due to my skin color.
            We were taught from young age only by education & hard work will you get anywhere.
            While the white race are discriminated against in every way the government can…they are still succeeding & excelling in all areas. So good luck with the “us against em” & “silver spoon in mouth” song and dance.

          • michele andhersun

            Your reasoning is astounding. Just because you are studying agriculture why do you feel you need to be given a farm? Where did you think you were going to go after your studies were finished ? Huh?

          • Mo Haarhoff

            As an absolute lay person, I’d guess that most of your land is tied up with your tribal authorities. They should also come to the party and make sure every member of their tribes has a portion of land in their name. Also, RDP housing should all be given over to recipients. That is your fight and you should take it up. Once that’s sorted, let’s look at the position again.

          • Alan Kennedy

            Your figures and info are skewed. Read more.

          • charl

            What stops you from starting your own business…..nothing…in fact there are plenty of government incentives aimed at helping you do just that. There are plenty of successful black South African businessmen…..what did they do different is the question you should ask yourself instead of jumping on the entitlement gravy train.

          • Jacques Benadie

            Muhashela, I have read your opinion on this article however I feel sorry for you and our beautiful country’s future if this is the thought process of the youth. The problem is that your perception is still that this country and its people owe’s you something. Please be open minded when reading this message I am not saying this because I am white I am saying this as fellow countryman and African who has travelled throughout the African continent. No body owes us anything and you will get nowhere in life without hard work and the respect of others. We are privileged to live in this country, when comparing South Africa to most African Countries if you ever have the privilege to go are more developed, better infrastructure, education systems and public service than most African countries I have seen. So please stop blaming your fellow country man for your injudicious views on the world and start being grateful for what we have. Start helping the less fortunate instead of criticising those around you. If each of us can help just 1 person less fortunate than ourselves, this country would be a better place for it.

            Positive thinking can heal wounds 100 times faster than trying to seek revenge for previous injustices.

          • When ALL the white owned farmland (which is currently Not owned by 99% of whites) is redistributed to black farmers, then 0.07% of Black people will own farmland. (35 000 / 49 000 000 *100)
            Those efficient farms (run by 35 000 whites (only <1% of whites)) are providing affordable food for the masses. (54million people…that's no mean feat!)
            Farms are being bought and sold all the time. My grandfather got a loan to buy his farm. He was very brave. And trust me, if you're a farmer, you've got to LOVE it. You ain't gonna get no holidays (unless a neighbouring farmer can look after it for you?)

          • Sand Pebble

            Work hard for it and buy it, like the rest of us do. The government keeps giving viable farms that are going concerns to people to farm, and they run it into the ground.

      • Vitor Mosca

        No Rolivhuwa, he makes sense because… HE MAKES SENSE! Why the hell bring colour into it! As long as there is that colour “us against them” mentality, this country will continue going down the tubes.

        • Matrix Loaded

          If they cannot debate winning they play the race card

      • HB Muller

        If you can not see the sense in what he is saying, you should be worried because idiots are normally kept in asylums

      • Look up Dunning Kruger effect. It may man alot more to you, than you know to admit.

      • Alan Kennedy

        You can lead an ass to water, but you can’t make it think

      • john madlener

        You a moron

    • african4

      Blacks are crazy, because they think land will make them rich.

      There are 30,000 commercial farmers in SA.
      There are 4 million whites.

      This means that 99.4% of whites do not own any land.

      Whites do not become rich through land, but through education.

      The ANC slogan of

      “Liberation before education” must be the dumbest slogan in the whole history of mankind.

      If you are educated, like an engineer, doctor etc. you will not be poor.

    • Albert IronStein

      Rene, if you knew Rabelani you would know that this article was ghost written. He has written a book out there somewhere. Go and Read that, and come back to read this article, that differences are glaring!

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  • Andre J Kriel

    i like your way of thinking

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  • Brosky

    if only more South Africans saw the truth in these words..

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  • Geoffrey Hayward Piggott

    Rabelani Dagada for President, you sir have the right attitude.

  • Erb

    Brilliantly said.

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  • You are an ignorant analyst. The Zimbabwean government did not sponsor any land grabs!

    1. Mugabe did not start this campaign, the war veterans in their own right as disgruntled, marginalised citizens started this.
    2. People who joined the war veterans, including youngsters in their teens
    and early twenties, along with other adults of different genders and from all walks of life, were not masquerading as war veterans. They were partaking in a revolution on their own accord, as they are rightly entitled to do so too. The youth brigade also partook in their personal capacity, just as their parents & siblings were doing at the time. None were sent by Mugabe or any other high ranking government official.
    3. The only thing Mugabe did not do was stop the farm invaders. On the
    contrary he conceded to the overwhelming Zimbabwean people’s will and gave the majority his blessing. Not that he had a choice anyway.
    4. It was pointless for Mugabe to issue an order to the police, riot police, army & reversists etc, because pretty much all their commanders are all part of the war veterans organisation including Ministers for those respective portfolios, not to mention mention the President himself. That all excludes their immediate & extended familities plus other relatives.
    5. The majority of Zimbabwean people forced the agrarian reform themselves. Regrettably some violence was always a given. It turned very violent because white farmers resisted the inevitable and were met with force. The Western media is the one that is spreading lies seeking to demonise Mugabe and hide the fact that this was the will majority of the Zimbabwean people.

    Similarly they say Russia causing trouble in Ukraine, when it’s Russians living in Ukraine plus Ukrainians themselves who are against the West sponsored coup, but they don’t want to accurately report it as such. When it suits them just like the Arab Spring, they are more than happy to report it as
    the will of the majority. In Zimbabwe’s case this was not an organised, centrally coordinated uprising like some of these cases. It was a countrywide uprising with people in that locality reclaiming their land without answering to anybody, not even the war veterans organisation.

    Zimbabweans were fortunate to have a president who quickly recognised a fight he was going to lose. He appreciated that the people would settle for
    nothing less than their view of justice. He did not kill his people like Zuma has done in Marikana. Which is precisely what makes people like me mad because non-Blacks in South Africa vote against the ANC(&my EFF of course), and they hate Zuma.

    The bottom line is Zuma(&ANC) is looking out for white interests. He passes laws which are seemingly in favour of us Africans but ensures there is not enough capacity to enforce this so beneficiaries of Apartheid can continue to benefit, own land and dominate the economy (amidst sprinklings of a black middle class&tenderpreneurs sprouting to save face). You complain about things like R250m for Nkandla, eTolls, Zumaville, Arms deal(which lots
    of African, Coloureds, White&Indian bigwigs benefited from), Zulu King Zwelithini’s planned 300m upgrade, etc, yet a small population of Whites&Indians illegaly make billions out of this country everyday! That’s a small price considering the conditions they(ANC) create for you (non-Blacks) to thrive don’t you think?

    There is no other country in the world where Whites&Indians have such a high social currency, respect and standard of living in their communities – not even in Europe, America&India itself. That’s why many white Europeans, plus Indians, Pakistanis&Bangladeshis are flocking to South Africa(not just
    migrants from other African countries). Far fewer in comparison head the
    opposite direction to the UK, Australia, America & Asia etc. However, for some reason you always complain about Zuma & the ANC. They are the reason why we have not yet done the same things Zimbabweans did. So pray for them and be grateful to them. Not criticise and insult them. That’s what I’d expect of smart non-Black South Africans in this country. Our African brothers are the only race that largely feels the brunt of Xenophobic attacks despite the fact that some of them housed exilees. Zuma & ANC loves non-Blacks and caters to their desires more than Afrcians.

    But once the EFF government gets into power – sooner rather than later seeing as you’re keen to erode the ANC’s power and give it to a racist&confused DA which will simply pass on more supporters to the EFF – we will take back everything, and it will likewise be messy if you resist. Threats of a failed state – qualified or proven will never be a deterrant as long as we will have a control of everything (except we know we are too competent and organised to allow that to happen but why bother trying to convince the condescending who believe we’re good for nothing).

    How many millions of black South African households do you think have guns – legally or otherwise? Almost all Zimabweans invading farms were unarmed at the time apart from axes, machetes, stones & sticks. No chance of that happening here. Tens of millions of guns will accompany those actions. An inept government has allowed the proliferation of arms over the years. Heck thousands in KZN alone have skills for home made ones. Tik, nyaope, dagga & coccaine – all proud creations of the ANC government-allied West’s migrated mafia roaming our streets via their henchmen will fuel those intentions perfectly. So never be fooled and think you will resist better as the Zimbabwean farmers likewise foolishly reasoned. Your best bet is to ensure the ANC continues to have a majority for as long as this “struggle” generation of leaders can last. Afterall, they do you bidding anyway. The ANC’s bills & policies are nothing but hot air.

    But be careful that along the way you share as much as you can to appease the people, because there’s no guarantee that the next generation of ANC leaders will command enough political capital & patronage to resist the will
    of the people and control our members of the security forces, weak and
    inept as they might be. Bear in mind that security forces in Zimbabwe had a great say in how those invading land would be controlled. They chose to fold their arms and instead join them. Their unofficial power over Zimbabwe in all sectors continues to this day. Unofficial because a Westernised yet cooperative Mugabe chose not to work against the people and in turn they continue to have him the CiC. Humbly submitting to his direction as the only true African hero & leader as one who listened to his people.

    At the end of the day, Zimbabwe is a democracy now, as it was then. Had a referendum been run at the time, solely on whether to expropriate land without compensation or not, Zimbabweans belonging to all parties would’ve voted in favour of doing so. The same applies here in SA. The majority would vote in favour of expropriating land without compensation, regardless of the ANC’s on-off position on this. This is not ANC&Government policy it’s the will of the majority. A similar referendum to ammend the constitution on property rights in general as they stand would reveal the same. Stop making noise via the media, respect the will of the majority and express it as such!!!

    NB: I condone none of the corruption neither am I comfortable with the marginalisation of Blacks in our own country&economy. Heavy once off taxes, land expropriation without compensation must take place. Sharing (read reclaim our welath and space – socially&economically) must happen forced or voluntary on the part of the historical benefactors. However, while I may not be an advocate for a violent uprising as a solution from the outset either, I can assure you that I will join those who undertake such a path. I would be stupid to go against those believe in such a course because economically a non-violent approach yielded very little really except to entrench the owners of the economy while poverty strokes our heavily indebted people. The consequences of a withdrawn concerted uMkhonto we Sizwe effort yielded little these past 20 years post “independence”. An exploration of the opposite approach has therefore become attractive.

    • Wilma Hanekom

      Dis nie aanvaarbare praktyk om die lengte van die artikel in jou kommentaar te probeer oorskry nie, hoor.

      • TLDR?

        • unsure

          zcfoutkast. Please give me evidence of where farms was stolen. Be careful of believing propaganda as being the truth. Why did Piet Retief visit Dingaan? To steal farmland from him or to buy farmland from him? The Afrikaner is a proud God fearing nation, we will work our way to the top.

    • Stefan

      You my friend are no better than the racists of the past(Meaning you are a racist). The moment you base your argument on race you have lost the argument, condemning whites for the flaws of a 20 year government is just really ignorant, immature and frankly as idiotic as your EFF leader. Grow up, stop being racist and lets build a future for all our children. Or we ALL are going to die. Tsek. Rabelani Dagada for president.

      • Well then “my friend”, since mature&enlightened people do things the democratic way – a 2/3rds majority decision to decide on the path to adopt as law, why don’t you ask our government to run a referendum, then give me a count of these racists who need to grow up(like me), that are in favour of property rights constitution ammendment plus land expropriation without compensation. The only thing I can forewarn you is that there would be near 0% voter apathy and the wining results will be something even a Mandela(traitor) led ANC can only dream of in a national election. Until then just shut it. You have zero political power to criticise anything the majority stands by.

        By the way, I’m not blaming whites for the flaws of a 20yr gvt. I’m blaming whites for the unrectified situation which stood in 1994, and prevailed over the next 20 years until now, and will continue to do so beyond today unless somethign drastic is done.

        • Stefan

          You clearly have not seen death my friend and if you think the “boers” will just lie down and take it, you my friend are sorely in for a surprise. Firstly Your problem is you have a misguided idea of what “white” South Africans are, for instance, I am as white as the white flag the real “Afrikaner” has been waving since 1994(But you are to blind to see), and I do not own, never will and never ever have owned any land in South Africa, neither does any of my siblings or most of my friends. But still once you tell your misguided youth that whites own all the land, now that includes me and clearly I don’t own any land. That also includes hundreds of thousands of other white South Africans who does not own land. So clearly stereotyping, and NOT the truth. (Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of black property owners already in our country due to the changes of the last 20 years)

          Secondly: And maybe you are just not aware of this, but the freedom you have grown up with(Cause clearly you were too young to remember Apartheid) would not have been possible if not for my generation of “White” South Africans who all voted in a mature&enlightened way in a referendum for the end of Apartheid. Those are the same whites and their children you now crucify.

          But no sense in arguing with those with nothing but hatred in their harts… I hope you find peace brother.

          • Adriaan Stander

            I have been wondering about why Whites are racists,
            and no other race is……

            Proud to be White

            Michael Richards makes his point…
            Michael Richards better known as Kramer
            from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.
            This was his defense speech in court
            after making racial comments in his comedy act.
            He makes some very interesting points…
            Someone finally said it.
            How many are actually paying attention to this?
            There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans,
            Arab Americans, etc.
            And then there are just Americans..
            You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
            You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’…
            And that’s OK…
            But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger,
            Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ..
            You call me a racist.
            You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….
            so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
            You have the United Negro College Fund.
            You have Martin Luther King Day.
            You have Black History Month.
            You have Cesar Chavez Day.
            You have Yom Hashoah.
            You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
            You have the NAACP.
            You have BET….
            If we had WET
            (White Entertainment Television),
            we’d be racists.
            If we had a White Pride Day,
            you would call us racists.
            If we had White History Month,
            we’d be racists.
            If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’
            OUR lives, we’d be racists.
            We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce,
            and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
            Wonder who pays for that??
            A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant,
            but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
            If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships…
            You know we’d be racists.
            There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US ..
            Yet if there were ‘White colleges’,
            that would be a racist college.
            In the Million Man March,
            you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.
            If we marched for our race and rights,
            you would call us racists.
            You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange,
            and you’re not afraid to announce it.
            But when we announce our white pride,
            you call us racists.
            You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.
            when a white police officer shoots a black gang member
            or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law
            and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
            I am proud……
            But you call me a racist.
            Why is it that only whites can be racists??
            There is nothing improper about this e-mail..
            Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on.
            I sadly don’t think many will.
            That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS
            in this country.
            We won’t stand up for ourselves!
            BE PROUD
            TO BE!
            It’s not a crime YET….
            But getting very close!

            This is a hoax someone sent around on the Internet, BUT whoever wrote this makes you nod your head in agreement. As for who changed, the apartheid regime via referendum. I guess he conveniently forgets, everybody conveniently forgets. Even us whites. I am not saying what happened is right. No. But do not punish the sons for the sins of their fathers, if you know what I mean. And yes I am proud to be white. But I am not going to call you a black, because of the fact that is offensive to call someone by their race or to judge them thus. This excuse of heritage and oppression is ridiculous. Instead of going forward together some people are still using a 20year old excuse for laziness, stupidity and vanity. AND THIS GOES to Both sides of the line you so eloquently draw ZCF. I therefore wholeheartedly agree with Mr Dagada. We are all human are we not. So as a white person. I do not ” owe” any black person anything. But we can help each other because we are all human. Do not mistake this as saying that if I am poor you have to help me because we are human. No. I am saying help me out of compassion for your fellow man, or shove it. We should be proud to be humans under God. As much as we should be proud of our differences. And accept each others differences. AND BY DIFFERENCES I MEAN CUSTOMS AND HERATIGE, NOT REASONS NOT TO DO THIS OR THAT, OR USE IT AS AN EXCUSE.

          • african4

            Spell it out for him.
            There are 30,000 commercial farmers in SA.
            There are 4 million whites.

            This means that 99.4% of whites do not own any land.

        • Vaalneto

          Black South Africans always glorify Mugabe and Zimbabwe but they cannot explain why millions of Zimbabweans live in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia as economic refugees even people of zanpf, why are they not in this great place mugabe has created? Why are Zimbabwe buying maize from former white farmers they kicked out and now farming in Zambia? Where will you South Africans run to when you have created the same conditions as Zimbabwe. We have learned that when a politician makes land a issue is because they have no strategy for the future, the only thing that grow is people not land. Your history of murdering refugees and your history of xenophobia is not good and maybe you find that you are not welcome when you are in trouble. When me and my family went to South Africa we were called stupid by black South Africans because we could not speak their language, is the local black languages in South Africa the no 1 language in Africa that we must all learn? It was not white people that beat and rob me and my family and called us thieves. You will see that there is not much respect and good intention left for you in the rest of Africa and we dont believe in this thing of African unity, you have destroyed the good intention we had for you and maybe you find us waiting with our tyres when you need help again and now you do not have Mandela

        • Amanda Burger

          OMW! You base your power on the ability to produce babies who can vote in 18 years time! You need more than that to govern a country sucsesfully as you must have noticed in everything going down the drain since 1994′

        • Johan Greyling

          I really do not understand the land issue because land has no value as such. The only value that it has is the ability to work it. Of the 140,000 commercial farmers only 36,000 are left farming. The other 104,000 simply did not have this ability in spite of growing up on farms and years of experience. To put people on land without very high qualifications and years of experience is nothing else but creating an extreme poverty trap with the suffering and starvation that goes with it. Jobs should be an issue and poverty should be an issue but creating more poverty and destroying jobs is simply cruel.

        • Liam Davis

          The reason why blacks are free today is because 60% of the whites in the 1994 elections voted the Apartheid regime out of power. So, I suggest you stop blaming whites for ANC’s fuckups.

          • The reason why blacks were never free before 1994, is because of ALL whites who were in SA in 1994.

    • Jim Stocks

      ‘There are none so blind as those that will not see’. ‘The problem with arguing with an idiot is that they bring you down to their level, and then beat you at their own game’.

      • Sadly, to some insults are both superior and much preferred to logic. Pity!

        • Jim Stocks

          Ummm, just so we’re clear, I wasn’t supporting you at all. Your violent and aggressive rhetoric has no place in SA. Rather than suggest ways of how you are going to rid white people of all their possessions, think of how SA can be a place for everyone. Yes, racism exists in SA (both white and black folk); yes most white people benefited from apartheid (either directly or indirectly), but surely we now want ALL South African’s to have a better chance? Your EFF are only interested in enriching themselves and getting back at the whitey – just look at Malema – he’s driving in fancy cars, wearing fancy clothes…surely he should be sacrificing some of his money, his time even, to help others out? As mentioned in another comment, you seem to have a lot of hate in your heart. Which, to a certain extent, is understandable. As a white person, I will NEVER understand what it means to be a black South African…BUT, I can still try and help those that are less fortunate than me. I couldn’t care less who owns all the land in South Africa, just so long as you are not hurting, killing, or in any way affecting their lives negatively. It is easy to say the past is the past, and it is just as difficult to forget the past, but if you keep looking back, how on earth are you going to see where you’re going? The wrongs of the past need to be redressed, but for how long? For how long will those in government drive fancy cars, live in huge houses, STEAL from the taxpayer, and avoid paying tax altogether? The ANC, DA, and EFF are not the answer. South Africa needs a new, multiracial party that really has the interests of ALL South Africans at heart. As far as I’m concerned, all the current political parties can go f**k themselves, but I digress. If you’re going to hand land over to people, make sure you do so knowing that you’re going to get something back. SA does not need a bunch of subsistence farmers feeding themselves and their families only.

      • Aubrey Mnisi

        Thats why I won’t even try to argue with you!!!

        • Jim Stocks

          Nor I with you.

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  • Wilma Hanekom

    Brilliant. Thank you for some sense amidst the daily dose of ill-reasoning from the ANC government re agriculture, land redistribution, etc. in SA.

  • David Smit

    bantu migrations……the khoi san are the original land owners

    • chris thoka

      who was recording these movement your showing? secondily do they khoi own land in south africa or its in the hands of those from other continents? truth is europians or whites found zulus xhosa khoi tsongas vendas sothos already in southern africa so where the so called bantus come from its irrelavent. and its not humanly impossible to move those distances by foot

      • Jim Stocks

        Of course it is! It’s called migration for a reason! How do you think man (and woman) left the Cradle of Mankind? In a 4×4? Do some reading, stop being so ignorant. I would explain to you who has recorded those movements, and how, but I fear I would be wasting my time.

        • AndreTheGreat

          Most relevant facepalm I have ever seen.

        • SACrimeAlert

          Actually, if you read The Lost Book of Enki* by Zecharia Sitchen (*Life-changing!). You will find that the first dark-red skinned male and white-skinned female human beings (genetically-engineered and born in south-east Africa) were “transported” to (the orchard) in Edin in a spacecraft.

          • Coenraad Loubser

            ROFL! And what is the practical implication for us, here, today? That we have to go outside and wave our arms when we see funny lights in the sky?!

          • SACrimeAlert

            If you so wish, Coenraad.

      • slickorange

        Like Jim said, explaining in detail how tribes covered these distances over thousands of years is a waste of time – but one guy is actually walking that far, (and even much further) in only 7 years… Check it out:

      • SACrimeAlert

        By foot … over a period of thousands of years? Of course its possible.
        PS: for the record – in case anyone hadn’t noticed – NO ONE in the 21st century OWNS land or property or anything else (not bequeathed or given as a gift) that they have NOT bought and paid for with hard-cash!

    • rolivhuwa muhashela

      is that the propaganda your boer family told you? so that you can sleep at night?
      yes i agree but white man is not african try to sing that next time you think of rubbing salt in our hopeless african wounds hypocrite.

      • AndreTheGreat

        And black is not European, but there is still black people living in Europe because that is where they where born. Why is this still an issue????

        • rolivhuwa muhashela

          andre you are a funny human being arent you? quite funny you are

          • Jd Van Niekerk

            It doesnt mean if you study you will be successful nor will you know how to farm after your studies. Thats why in any job application they need experience. Where do you get land? Same place as white people work hard save up money and borrow the rest from a bank. You are 21. Go do your research child,word a little and stop with the mind set of you are entitled to all because your black. Be gratefull if the goverment grants you something but dont for o e moment think you are entitled to it

          • AndreTheGreat

            Yeah, if you are discussing views with a bigoted person who choose not to listen but rather just hate, then sarcasm is the only way. My boer family taught me that so I can sleep at night.

          • Claude

            Never wrestle with a pig. The pig will like it and you get dirty 🙂

      • Henri le Riche
        • rolivhuwa muhashela

          nice try thanks for the info but nothing new from what i have been told before

      • SACrimeAlert

        All decent, civilized, law-abiding and peace-loving human beings – no matter their race or skin-color – have the inalienable; God-given right to live (harmlessly) in the God-created country of their birth, or in any other country of their choosing.

        So to say “a white man born in Africa is NOT African, or black man born in Britain, or the US, is not British or American.” Is the denial of an individual’s God-given RIGHT to a nationality – which CANNOT, lawfully, be denied to any individual by you or anyone else.

        Re: “hopelessness.” You were born with a unique talent (or more than one). Discover it … use it to make a good living … and go on to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

        • rolivhuwa muhashela

          get the context by ‘hopeless’ i mean as far as land ownership is concerned…and as for the other jiberish you stated up there no comment too far fetched.

      • african4

        No Roli

        Have you heard of genetic mapping?
        Guess not, because by my guess is that you are just as ignorant as the average of your kind.

        • rolivhuwa muhashela

          actually if i was ignorant i wouldnt be seeking info and ending up as far as this article would i?

          • D Blyth

            You also badly need wisdom

      • Nic-nac-paddy-wack

        I would just like to clarify…. I AM NOT AFRICAN???? Then I suspect my passport is a forgery, because it very clearly says I am African. When I get asked where I am from, I proudly tell them I AM AFRICAN!!!! SO AM I A LIAR?? Because Rolivhuwa I AM AFRICAN!!!!!! And there is NOTHING YOU OR ANYONE will ever say that can change that. And that is not just because my birtcertificate says so, but because every fibre of my being screams that within me EVERY DAY! You can put me where ever you like on earth, but my blood will only churn for my Motherland!!! If you cut me I bleed African blood and someday when I die, my bones will rest on African soil. Yes Rolivhuwa I am white AND I AM AFRICAN!!!!

    • GavinCame

      This historic nonsense is so regressive

    • Monwabisi Maswana

      and who are Khoi? Just because your ancestors couldnt pronounce us and gave us these names do not lie blunt. David Smit you are European decedent if you can accept that then you are in the right. Do not tell us history that is written by your people, our history is narrated from one generation to another.

      • michael wilson

        In other words – “I will ignore all evidence which goes against my point of view, even if this evidence is backed up by genetic markers, archaeological records, nuances in language or anything else. It doesn’t matter to me what evidence you provide, it is not my wish to believe it. Therefore i will stick with my opinion, based on what i would prefer to be true, regardless of any facts to the contrary.”

        So then, does your history, narrated through the generations, say that your people were always in SA since the beginning of time? Tell me that and I will, unfortunately, call you a liar. Your history says no such thing.

        So while this all might be good enough for you, it won’t be for anybody who bases their opinions on evidence and reason rather than just pure emotion. Adults are supposed to grow up beyond this level of back-to-front logic.

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  • Mashau

    zwine vhakho amba vho Dagada ni rubish, in other way you are using your brain as a chair, if you want to be known try something else not people s life. tell me here people were removed from their land with no payment or arrangement by Dutches and Europen or who so ever called themselves white and by that taking a belonging of someone without permision is a crime. so stope misleading people go to centurion or any urban area and try to buy a piace of plot it will cost you a millions and funny we are buying it from white who came in africa with nothing and take our land, so Dagada stope talking sh……t

    • Erno Van Dyk

      You Mashau is the only one talking shit! Shut up and go do some proper work for a change.

      • Mashau

        is a shit becouse it sute you, whatch what it will happen 2 years to come we going to take this land with no compesant, are will rejoice to see non African coming to African asking for a place to stay. it might take time but our children and grandchildrean thy going to take this land back cos you non African your busy fighting us back instad of working to gether with us so we can get what your grandfathers tuk from our grandfathers

        • Vernita

          So when you eventually have the land… What exactly are you going to do with it? You won’t be able to sell it because apparently people of colour don’t pay for land. Are you planning on building another squatter camp? And another one? And another one? What exactly is that going to do for this country?
          People chasing after land that they have NO idea of managing is like a dog chasing after a car tyre. He might catch it, but that’s about the only action he’s going to get.

        • michael wilson

          Everyone already knows what will happen then Mashau, after all, it’s not like it hasn’t happened a hundred times before. Poverty, economic collapse, rejection by the rest of the civilised world, and finally, handouts from the ones you hate in order to help you survive. No mystery you see, just history repeating again and again for the benefit of those who are unable to learn from it.

    • Jaco

      The plots in Centurion are only worth that much because of the development that took place there and the popularity of the land, you will not get those prices anywhere else. Who was responsible for the development? And There are so many people with your mind set that keep on talking about whites steeling land, my question is what land are you referring to, is the whole of South Africa or just specific parts of our country? If you are going to say I should not own land in SA because I am white then you are just a small minded little racist and nothing else. Most of the people that was moved during apartheid was compensated for there loss in land. And just because you call whites thieves does not make it so. here is a data base for settled land claims just to help you with your facts

      • Mashau

        Jaco can only once try to be open minded the land we are talking about is Africa i have no any concened to Europe, Asia,ect but only Africa belong to Africans, when you talk about compensate what a fuc…k are you talking about cos my grandfather Chief Vhudzani died fighting with Dutches who tuk piece of our land with no compensate that is why our royalities are poor. so help me yourself the better you agreed with our idea of land back the batter cos we are going to take it whether you like it or not and the will be no compensated. our grandfathers and fathers died fighting for land so let us die too fighting for our children land, and one thing a like about us we are majority bed for manority

        • Jaco

          Well if that is the case surely you have prove of this? Or should I take your word for it? Hatred is a funny thing you know, it only affect the person with it in there hart. If a child is though by there parents that the sky is red and you should ask them what colour is the sky what do you think the answer would be? I hardly believe that you ever took part in defending the land you claim belongs to you, you are just repeating what you where told. The only way change will happen in your life is if you decide to work for it yourself and stop dwelling on what could have been because of a story you heard. What good has come from land grabs in Zimbabwe, are the masses now better of? Look at the facts and stop living in your fantasy of revenge. I hope you find piece one day in your heart, to forgive is not easy.

        • Nevyn

          Really? bwhahahahhahahahahhahahha, liar……..

        • Jaco

 this claim? Is it settled? Did you get anything? Well if not maybe its because YOU CAN NOT PROVE IT. Your family stole from me and I am going to tell all my kids that one day. We both know it is not true so by saying so does not make it so, with no prove you have no case. And by “taking it back” you are a thief that had attend on taking something that does not belong to him.

        • Stefan

          Mashau you forget our forefathers also died for this land. And by God, so will I.

        • michael wilson


          Jaco: ok, prove what you are saying?

          Mashau: *silence.

          What else did anyone expect?

    • AndreTheGreat

      They took our jeeerrrrbbbs!!!! Hahaha, makes me think of a South Park episode where the American people doesn’t want the low paying jobs but also don’t want foreigners to have it either, makes no freaking sense. Mashau, were you alive at those times to know exactly what happened? There was no farms or farmers in the 1600’s, and the Dutch started farming. Problem?. Now you and your fellow idiots wants to take a farm built by a whiteman, and his workers, ruin the farm and lay off all the farm workers sending them back into poverty. Think outside the box, think about the future and not about ‘Damn white people ruined my life’.

      • Mashau

        Andre let me refresh you brains in 1958 when Handrik Verwoed give birth to a child called aparthide i was not around, in 1960 when people get killed i was not there, when people removed sophertown i was not there, when white people killed Steve Biko, Tsietsi Masinini, Robert Sobokwe and others i was not there but i was there when my grand father, my father, told me about how they lose land to whites. i was there when Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Sisul, and other told us how whites people took our land. your wrong the was farms and farmers back then cos if the was no farming back the you want to tell me when whites come to Africa the were carring cows, sheep and all those stuff not they fund it here, our grand father they used to farm and feed their fimalies so please man stop it. Note i never said white people ruined my life never all i’m saying is can you bring back our land which you inharit frm your grand fathers who took it from our grand father simple

        • Jaco

          Actually they did bring there own cattle and sheep. The Nkuni is insidious the Africa but the Beefmaster race ia from Europe. That would be the red coloured cattle.

        • Nevyn

          Hehehehe, the British gave birth to apartheid son, not Verwoed.

        • Richard The South African

          Oh My Word Mashua you are truly deceived and i really hope you man up and get rid of that hatred you have in your heart from Lies! I grew up in the family of Oliver Tambo! his Grandson has been my best friend since i was 3 years old! YES im white so what! I have never had any issues from the Tambo Family they are my other family! so what you said Above IS A COMPLETE LIE!!! BY the way when the white man came here they came with Seeds, Cattle, Chickens, everything they needed to farm. They didn’t steal ANYTHING, also lets get this out the way, King Shaka is WELL known for fighting with other tribes and killing them off FOR THEIR LAND and Soldiers!!!!!!! so where the F#$K are you coming here! the Whites didn’t Kill anyone for land IT WAS BOUGHT!! The Zulu’s and the Khosa’s Killed people of their own race for their land SO WHO ARE THE REAL THIEVES HERE?? Please go educate yourself and a human being and stop listening to lies from people that have hate in there heart. All you are doing here is saying you cannot move on and make it in life unless you steal and take what the White man has already built. Grow up…really grow the F#$k up

        • Vernita

          I seriously don’t know ONE white person who inherited a farm. EVERY person I know that owns a piece of land or property bought it with their own money that they worked for. Do you, Mashau, know how much taxes and levies you have to pay when you own property?? You might want to look into that before you take ‘your’ land back, wherever that might be.

        • anonymousposter

          If you genuinely were dispossessed of land, you can lodge a land claim, they have been reopened for a couple of years. You will need some evidence, though.

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  • chris thoka

    Mr Dagada with my little knowledge and understanding, i would like to point out a few issues that you sir seem to be blind towards. you sir lack the right mentality and capacity necessary to take south africa forward. your correct to say these farmers where not yet born in 1923 but they have benefited greatly from apartheid. which black land owner did the apartheid government pay when they took land from blacks? these innocent farmers you talk about didnt they receive inheritance from their fathers and grand fathers who where part of the land stealing clique? you talk about job loses and minimum wage being a problem, clearly with your big pay you are unaware of the struggles of poor people on the ground. can you Sir leave onthe salaries farm workers where paid before minimum wage was introduced? is it possible that an educated black man like your self can be a praise singer for the continuation of exploitation of blacks by whites post 1994? your piece is a disgrace and a disapointment to the masses of our people and our founding fathers who fought for our liberation. the only people who will benefit from what you have said are white minorities at the expense on the black majorities. but i do understand you sir, its easier to say what want when we have big salaries its a pity farm workers will never get an opportunity to address you.

    • Jaco

      Exploitation of blacks???? If that is true I could then say Blacks are thieves stealing and murdering whites in SA can I not? I can give you examples of this if you want….. But that would be distorting the truth wouldn’t it, because it is possible if I ignore the fact that its not one specific race stealing but all races have thieves, and all races are benefiting from the new SA, if they are willing to work hard that is. But no point debating with a racist with a one sided view.

      • zinomario

        The world is about opportunities. The white english fucked the white boers and boers fucked black people. Now the black people are fighting back. the only white people who are in the line of fire are poor whites because believe you me Anton Rupert does not share any of our problems black or white government he controls them all. Black or white you tools used by rich people who move you focus from the real issues, while i was writing this stupid statement Bill Gates made 4 million and OPRAH made another million. One day i going to die and i do not want to attribute my failure to white people because despite every thing I am the master of my destiny

        • Jaco

          Exactly, at some point the chains of captivating need to be broken, and not by taking from another, but by building your own emire. That said if we contribute our failures and success to financial gain we are doomed. Success should be messured on the positive contribution one makes to those around you, in my opinion.

        • Isabel Hodgson

          Those who blame others for their failure will never find their own destination

    • Stefan

      You are a disgrace to your own founding fathers who fought for your liberation. Do you really think they would have tolerated the blatant racism shown by you in your comment? Do you really believe all “white” men own land, have stolen your land? This is now the white men living today? You seem educated, but still have a very narrow minded perspective about what is happening or what did happen in the past. Stop blaming the whites, who most of us try really hard to make a better life for all, it is only a minority of youth in the black majority that is trying to completely destroy all that has been achieved by ALL our ancestors. I have to say, the disrespect you show towards your own country you so hardly deserve, is really beyond me. From your photograph one can see you never really saw Apartheid firsthand, did you? Come now, be honest? Never forget who voted in a referendum for you to have been able to be born in a free world… it was not your ancestors, but the whites you so despise. Sies boet, may Jah cross your way.

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  • rolivhuwa muhashela

    ndaa muhulwane wanga luambo lwavho lu khou pfala fhedzi asi vhathu vha rema vhothe vhane vho di lugisela u luvhelela matsilu haya ane apfi mutshena ngauri havha vhathu vha khou hana vhudifhindululeli kha fhungo li ambaho uri muthu mutswu hana na mavu matukutuku musi a tshi khou vhambedzwa na vhatshena, ngoho ndi ya uri vharema avhana mavu hezwo zwauri zimbabwe ho itea mini zwada gai azwi ri kwami, nne kha vha ri vhudze uri mavu kha vho makhulukuku vhashu o bvisa hani zwandani zwavho a fhedzisela a zwandani zwa vhatshena namusi kha vha ri fhumudze kha heli fhungo vha litshe u tinya ngoho i ri vhavhaho..ndaaa

    • tabsa

      Yeah whatever… I’m just replying so my comment is at the top.

      Rabelani, you deserve not only a Bells, but 50% shares in the Bells distillery.

      “Although these farmers benefited from the apartheid system, it disingenuous to attribute the 1913 Land Act to them; they were not yet born.” I cannot thank you enough for saying this. Just when I thought all black people thought this way, you’ve proved me wrong. And I like being proved wrong.

      If you are narrow-minded and stupid enough to blame the German 30-year olds for the Holocaust, or 30-year old white South Africans for Apartheid, you have nothing to offer South Africa, or the world even.

      If I employed the majority black/white sentiment on this topic, I should still be angry about the Anglo-Boer war. Because after all, the British burnt my ancestors’ farms and put their women and children in concentration camps where thousands of them died. More people than were killed by the Apartheid government. So should I be angry at my white, English speaking neighbour? Should I envy him? Should I take 50% of his belongings because he ‘benefited’ from the Anglo Boer war?

      English-speaking white South Africans are on average still more affluent than Afrikaners. Should we level the playing field? Should we be angry that they are over-represented in banks, mines and the JSE?

      The answer is no. YOU ALONE are responsible for your circumstances. And I say that as a person who struggles to get by every month, not as the son of a mine owner. Because guess what? Some white South Africans actually have to WORK to pay mortgages and loans and cars etc. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all own mines, banks and farms.

      Ngiyabonga Rabelani

    • african4

      Blacks are crazy, because they think land will make them rich.

      There are 30,000 commercial farmers in SA.
      There are 4 million whites.

      This means that 99.4% of whites do not own any land.

      Whites do not become rich through land, but through education.
      True liberation can only be achieved THROUGH education.

  • Aubrey Mnisi

    Nice article, however you need to realise that South Africa is nothing compared to Zimbabwe and of course now that the tables are turning South African white people who see the law being passed as thread to them will agree with you….

    • Guest

      Says it all

    • Vernita

      Actually Aubrey, you might want to read up on Zimbabwe’s history, because South Africa is exactly like Zimbabwe. What is happening with the mines, land redistribution, agriculture, white-bashing, farm murders… Its almost a play-by-play of what happened in Zimbabwe.

      • Aubrey Mnisi

        So you telling me that in Zimbabwe, Europeans came and ill-treated/enslaved locals and made them believe they nothing but inferior individuals while killing millions of them. After the white colonies realise that their power trip is running out due to global attention on the matter they appointed one of the black people as the country’s president, president that promised black people freedom in their own land while economic freedom is still limited to people of a certain race(white people)?

        I am no politician nor historian, but I can tell you one thing, majority of black people still suffer till this day as result of apartheid and majority of white people are living a well balance life where freedom is concern till this day as a result of apartheid.

        I’m no racist, my girl is white and I have no issue with the colour of people’s skin but I support any measure taken to restore the dignity of black people in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support ANC, I support any movement that is pro equality in South Africa and globally.

        I mean, I stay in Europe and there is no black person owning property here. Locals(majority is the older generation) here rave and loose their minds when they see a rich(as per their terms, but I prefer the term “Affording”) black person. I was born in South Africa, I recently came for holiday in Cape Town about 4 months ago, guess what, I had to rent a cottage house in Hout Bay that had vineyards in the backyard owned by a Swedish couple that proudly told me that they have been in the country for more than 30 years and you tell me that this act/bill being passed is fullish? Come on!

        Mr Dagada has a point, but his point is not relevant for South Africans, that’s all I am saying.

        • Vernita

          Well, except for the ‘millions’ of people killed, it’s pretty much spot on. The only slaughter that happened here was at the hands of the British. The Dutch and Zulus were at war at certain points, yes, but they killed EACH OTHER. Neither group was innocent.
          The white ruling party (the NP) promised freedom to the country. Democracy was implemented and a black leader was chosen. Black empowerment was then implemented thereafter. Driving around in Johannesburg, 9/10 expensive cars are driven by black people. That, to me, is black empowerment working…
          And sorry, but economic freedom is NOT limited, it is ATTAINED by those that work their arses off for it.
          Do you know that just over 5 million of the country’s inhabitants pays 100% of the tax?!?!!?! The tax that builds houses for the poor and is used to empower them…

          I’m just a bit confused. It seems that you are annoyed with people owning land that they paid for with their own money. There weren’t enough people in the world to OWN all the land. Land wasn’t STOLEN, that is why the Voortrekkers came to be, don’t you understand?? They went on a ‘trek’ to go find free land that NO ONE owned. Just like EVERY SINGLE COLONY in the entire world did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Aubrey Mnisi

            Not going to argue over this topic (not a fan of debate), you have your opinion and I have mine lets leave it at that. We can go on all day on this matter, its more like pointing out to christians that the jesus and god story is a myth, there’s no point of direction meaning its meaningless discussion/debate!

            Just a point of correction, its not only white people that work their ass off as white South Africans believe but blacks too!

            Anyway, have a good day.

          • Vernita

            I actually said “…Economic freedom is NOT limited, it is ATTAINED by those that work their arses off for it.”
            I took race out of the picture, like any intelligent being ought to do.

          • Aubrey Mnisi

            Ok, clever or intelligent person or whatever you wish to call yourself! Have a good day!

          • Jaco

            Don’t you think it is early to be drinking? You make no sense.

        • Jaco

          I ve lived in London 6 years and rented a flat from a black Lady for 3 years and then rented from a black man the other 3 years. Strange that you should say blacks are thrown appon for owning property. I never had that experience, it was the first time I wasn’t seen as a white but a human being. See there they don’t see race. So I don’t know what you are raving about.

          • Aubrey Mnisi

            Jaco, you comment at like early hours of the day like midnight. Its clear that this issue gives you sleepless nights, well, its either you are shit scared of the current state of SA or you realised that this is the only place where you can express yourself and feel good about it.

            I am sure you know what you say here has no impact on what ANC will do next, you do know that right?

            Anyway, hope you find a life at some point!

  • wayne

    Rabelani you are misguided or is this a document written for you to be published as yours? Surely you don’t believe the crap you attain to.You look intelligent enough to know that farmers got these farms from their forefathers and the Land Reform Act of 1913 was just to legalise their pilferages of land. They have benefited and need to give back to the indigenous people of this country. Again this is a policy document of the ruling party and don’t bring readers false information to suit your da masters. Your ancestors must be turning in their grave for these comments as they died trying to give what you have achieved which otherwise you would have been a garden boy or a street cleaner.

    • Nevyn

      You are a complete and utter fool son. People like you are creating the misery and destruction we are seeing everyday, why? because you believe a lie, you want to believe a lie, you seem stupid that way.

      • wayne

        Nevyn precisely what’s wrong in our country! Failure to be able to debate issues> You know by name calling you just prove YOUR stupidity. The destruction has been caused by 350 years of apartheid!! Rather be a provider of meaningful debate and don’t be a believer of the same people that enslaved and killed our forefathers. The majority have spoken and if you do not want to accept that you are free to go to your country where only your way of things are correct. Instead of blaming start to participate and become an influencer of the future of this great country. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

        • Nevyn

          Debating is all well and fine, but if you say something foolish, well then be prepared to be called out on it. If it offends your sensibilities then you have a problem.

          There was no enslaving and killing son, only enslaving and killing was caused by the anc, nobody else.

          And bro, you say you want to debate and then use this in your argument;

          “The majority have spoken and if you do not want to accept that you are
          free to go to your country where only your way of things are correct”

          You understand where you went wrong there?

          “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

          If I ask this, then I am told to shut-up because I am an evil white and it’s not my country apparently.

          • wayne

            Again Nevyn you are either very naïve stupid or very ignorant. Its very convenient to forget what happened in the past when you were very privileged. We were shot at, killed injured and thrown off buildings. We were hounded whilst at school, some of us could not even our matric and yet you say there were no killing? Ask also where your forefathers came from surely you read the history books they wrote. You continue to criticize without being able to improve as your way of arguing still resemble the racist behaviours that still exist in our society. What have you done to apologise for what your forefathers do to our people? Adriaan Vlok was humble enough to wash Desmon Tutu`s feet? Yet you want to be at the forefront of the economy. There is still a degree of mistrust and disgusts to the whites out there including you.

          • Nevyn

            And who caused that son? Who? Who killed more black folk during apartheid than anybody else, who? Who is still killing them to this day? who?

            I will never apologize, ever bud. I have nothing to apologize for, and neither do my ancestors, the sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

            Really mate, white people know how to make money, it’s what we good at, yet that makes us evil in your eyes because you not so good at it? That’s a generalization, I know some black men that are very good at making money in an honest way, but they are few and far between and the anc don’t listen to them anyway, coconut’s you see or hired natives as the cadre’s are now putting it.

          • african4

            Blacks are crazy, because they think land will make them rich.

            There are 30,000 commercial farmers in SA.
            There are 4 million whites.

            This means that 99.4% of whites do not own any land.

            Whites do not become rich through land, but through education.

          • Stefan

            You racist views are just angering a sleeping lion… jy vergeet ou seun, actually please refer to any situations YOU were personally chased, thrown of a building or shot at by the riot police wearing Victor Matfields scrumcap? Weet jy wat, I’ll bet money you werent even alive in the Apartheid era?

        • Vernita

          We have the most idiotic president in the entire world (and he’s up against people like Bob!) who refuses to do public debates in order to try and hide his idiocy. Supporting this man whilst saying that he is what is wrong in our country is quite strange.
          Just to set a few things straight…
          There has NOT been 350yrs of Apartheid.
          The Khoi san are the only indigenous people in South Africa.
          NOT one white person I know has inheritied property from their forefathers. (Actually most people over 60 in this country grew up VERY VERY poor.)
          You say ‘instead of blaming start to participate’ – PLEASE heed your own advice. And tell your brothers and sisters to do so too while they have ‘black empowerment’ to assist them. (Something my 26yr old white self can only DREAM of)

          • wayne

            Venita shame you are quite delusional maybe because of fear. You are quite ignorant. When your Jan Van Riebeeck landed he purportedly wanted to negotiate with the people but instead drove them away. Your people like in South End Sidwell/Sydenham District six, Fairview (to name a few)was given land by the apartheid regime. Farmers inherited most of these farms or were given(fraction of the price) by Verwoerd en sy genote. Most of the BE is white people using blacks and coloureds to benefit. Look around you most companies changed their names to be black. As a coloured I started to participate and I started by being elected on a community forum to effect change amongst people.

          • wayne

            And for Zuma he is our president love him r leave him. I support the ANC and any leader they elect

        • Stefan

          Apartheid was just from 1958 to 1994, 350 years? You obviously failed maths, can see History was not one of your strong subjects as well. I’ll give you a bit of advice, tsek back to school. Get an education, then come back to the table. But it’s idiots like you who believe “Die kak in sy eie kop” that is breaking this countries back!

          • wayne

            THATS why the country is what it is today!!! Idiot. Apartheid was only legalised in 1958 but you always had separated areas and places. Hope you are a farmer and I will make sure you are chased into the sea. Racist bigot. Raak onslae van jou kak attitude en was jou bek uit gemors.

          • Nevyn

            Son, you have some issues it seems, ignorance being one of them.

            “Hope you are a farmer and I will make sure you are chased into the sea.”

            You accuse everybody of being racist but yet this is what you do, and you threatening somebody too, wow. You about as bright as your hero jacob the one and only firepool swimmer.

          • Stefan

            Thanks Wayne you just proofed my point. In case you did not notice, you are a “non-racist” calling a “racist” out on his race(Basically because you are a BLACK person you are not a racist when you hate people because they are white)…makes lot of sense ne. I tell you what, let’s then at least subtract the 100 years or more the “Afrikaners” spend under British rule from that 350 years you claim to have been oppressed(How old does that make you now, 375 years old?)… At least my heart is pure and I don’t judge people by the color of their skin. But if the truth hurts, than by all means call me what you will. I will not bow down to your ignorant mindsets anymore, and I promise you, I am not alone. In a fair fight, it’s always the guy looking for the fight that looses that fight. Coward.

          • Stefan

            Oh and before I forget a little food for food, you little uneducated
            RACIST bully poof… you are picking a fight with these guys ne.. never

            “The Americans fight for a free world, the English
            mostly for honour and glory and medals, the French and Canadians decide
            too late that they have to participate.
            The Italians are too scared to fight; the Russians have no choice. The Germans for the Fatherland.

            The Boers? Those sons of
            bitches fight for the hell of it.”

            American General, George “Guts and Glory” Patton

  • Don Deon

    South Africa is an abomination!

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  • alan123

    I am white, I own land, which I purchased in 2002 after 35 years of hard work, 15 of which away from home and family. I don’t farm, I don’t have the knowledge to be a successful farmer, nor the money to establish a working farm, but the ANC, EFF etc are very happy to label me as a thief, due to my colour. But what have you the ANC, EFF done to help the emerging farmers/landowners that you have used taxpayers money to buy and redistribute. The answer is nothing, the land lies fallow, the original owners/farmers have gone to Mozambique & Zambia.

    • AndreTheGreat

      If only these people would read your comment with an open mind and understand what you are saying. You as a white person owning a farm for 12 years, you have not got a thriving farm because you do not have the funds or the experience. Neither does the people who wants ‘their land’ back. So it will end up becoming another township when they get it back.

    • Denver Goddess

      I hope you have the means to defend yourself from the gorillas.

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  • Whether or not the “land” was actually stolen or not is a subjective matter, but having grown up in a farming community, I can tell you that there is a vast difference between a piece of “virgin” land (stolen or not) and a functional commercial farm. The former is just a piece of earth, while the latter boasts infrastructure such as houses, sheds, dams, animal enclosures and equipment that could not have been stolen under any circumstance because it did not exist at the time of the 1913 Land Act.

    So if this is really about the “social justice and historical redress of land restitution,” then the farmer should be allowed to decapitalise his farm by tearing down all the infrastructure, selling all the equipment or materials and only after we’ve allowed twenty years for the land to return to its natural state can we gift the land (that which was allegedly stolen) to the original owners, all of whom happen to be as dead as the original “thieves.” Failing that, the only fair manner of land restitution is the willing buyer, willing seller method that we’ve been employing for the past twenty years.

    Anybody who tells you otherwise is doing so because they are motivated by the greed and macro-economic populist propaganda they are being fed by certain political parties. Incidentally, I consider them fools for believing it.

    • SACrimeAlert

      Fundamental premise of the ANC’s “Freedom Charter” … (*Freedom from what? Obeying the Commandments not to kill, covet one’s neighbors’ possessions, steal or lie, etc.? Self-determination and development; the responsibility as an adult to stand on one’s own two feet, create one’s own employment or work for another, and do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay?) No. “Taking the land of THEIR fathers back.” (Based on the FALSE claim of South African land ownership by ancestral right).

      And the “promises” they made to the black African “manual workers” and others, in return for their help in toppling the previous nationalist government and making the country ungovernable, which still need to be kept (hence the otherwise inexplicable ANC majority vote in the last general elections).


      1. White jobs (in nationalized mines, industries, banks and businesses) as gifts; and
      2. Free (predominantly white) privately-owned land; property and accommodation – with all the necessary (free) services already laid on.

      FREE, FREE, FREE! Everything for FREE in the new FREE (for all black people) Communist South Africa! (At a price, i.e., YOU – the proletariat – are going to have to revolt, strike and FIGHT for it on our behalf).

      Result? Cat out of the bag … a general state of preparedness and readiness to self-defend, on the part of whites in SA, in full view of the international community.

  • AndreTheGreat

    Very well written, but the people who push for land distribution would not understand your views. They do not understand the big words you use much less the experience needed to thrive in the agricultural industry.

  • Dave

    Hats off to Rabelani Dagada. Very astute indeed. Unfortunately voicing his opinion in an unbiased and sensible manner has stirred up a racial slinging match. When are we South Africans going to wake up and conduct sensible and objective and educated discussions instead of emotional, immature arguments of who did what to whom when? We should be well past that! What is the best for South Africa is the real question. Now we need to find a real answer.

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  • Nevyn

    Sorry Mr Dagaba, you are a clever black man it seems and the anc and their ilk don’t like clever black folk, so for them you must be a white mans puppet and therefore you have no credibility, it’s just how these commies roll man, they are fools.

    But thank you for having the balls to actually tell the truth and go against the narrative, you have my respect for that, for whatever that’s worth.

    • Which is the bigger fool though; the fool who blindly leads or the fool who blindly follows?

      • Nevyn

        The fool who questions neither.

      • Vernita

        The fool who has to ask that question.

        • AndreTheGreat

          hahaha, that made me laugh. Thanks.

  • Liam Davis

    All those that are blaming whites. The ONLY reason why blacks are free today is because 60% of whites in the
    1994 elections voted the Apartheid regime out of power. So, I suggest
    you stop blaming whites for ANC’s fuckups. How can you say farmers stole the land, the only reason why you have bread and milk on your table is because of them. Look at Zimbabwe, their shelves are EMPTY because they couldn’t come to terms with the fact that a white man was helping them survive. If farmers are so racist why don’t they farm only for whites. A farmer breaks his back every month to make sure YOU have food on YOUR table so fuck off with your racist comments. You want something, work for it! You cant get everything for mahala!

    • Denver Goddess

      Nothing wrong with Apartheid. Whites are not required to take in bush blacks because in thousands of years those blacks never made a nice dwelling for themselves. My GOD what a pathetic mindset.

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  • Citizen

    This whole article was written to give us an ECONOMICAL perspective and warning as to what is on the horizon for South Africa if the current policies are not amended. Rabelani Dagada gives us a clear comparison and a means to resolve it, yet every person throws race into this, this deep hatred is what will ruin South Africa. Failure to address the real problem instead of insult slinging and false logic bashing. For once we are presented with the right attitude, and I hope it is heard by the correct people – those that are enlightened enough to actually listen and act by putting prejudices aside. A well written and well received article for the percentage of South Africans who actually care about the future instead of the past.

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  • SACrimeAlert

    Thank you for this, Mr Dagada.

    Although the most ancient records known to man, inscribed by secretarial scribes in cuneiform on Mesopotamian clay tablets, with the (original) authors’ OWN text at their core, state categorically that “an intellectually and technologically-advanced white-skinned race occupied Western Asia, North, East and South Africa FIRST.”

    And it is a proven historical fact that the Late Stone Age (more Caucasian in some DNA; skin-color and facial feature aspects) pygmy peoples and Bushmen are indigenous to Africa. Which means, of course, that the black African descendants of BANTU migrants from the Niger River Delta – who slowly filtered down from West Africa over a 1,500 year (5,000 BC – 3,500 BC) period to “settle” in parts of (southeast and) South Africa in 1,000 BC – DO NOT OWN (southeast or) South Africa (the land, forests, rivers and mineral resources) by ancestral right.

    “Tell a colossal lie long enough and sooner or later the (majority of) people will believe it?”

    Highly regrettably, the (once USSR trained and backed, also Mao Zedong inspired) ANC MK veterans opted to adopt and implement a morally corrupt (and deranged) “white man’s” unworkable theory in (Zimbabwe and) South Africa with clearly counter-productive and ruinous (short and inevitably long-term) results.

    Specifically in view of Julius Malema’s and the ANC’s top-level “incitement to murder” white South African farmers and their family-members and whites in SA in general? And the barbaric (largely and unforgivably unpunished) crimes committed (by the SAME organized and armed guerrilla groups?) against whites in SA since 1991/1994. Which, needless to say, ought NEVER to have been committed and must now be stopped!

    Last word … time now to (vehemently and fearlessly) speak out against the unlawful EFF (Russian and Chinese-style) “revolution” (with its focus on Fanon’s “theory of violence”) proceeding as planned in SA or ALL in this (beautiful, God-created and owned) country will be lost.

    • SACrimeAlert

      Whoops, author’s correction … “to settle in parts of (southeast and) South Africa in 1,000 AD.”

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  • Peter Livanos

    Brilliant Article!!!! Well done!!! I pray you can make a differance…

  • Yvonne Ann Van Heerden

    Once the black farmers have learned from the ‘experienced’ framers, they get kicked out/forced out all over again…..Eish, don’t fall for that trap

    • rolivhuwa muhashela

      so what are you implying madam?

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  • guest

    Black black black black black black black black black black every document you open or application on paper black shame what more must happen to make them happy…..BBBE, black business black this black that how would you like colored business Asian or white the best will be if whites deal with whites and with those that see money has no color……..all my uncles left and is farming in Kongo and countries that accept them for their skills and not color.

    Look at the rest of africa where blacks took over. South Africa has to many immigrants that does not contribute at all maybe on shifty votes.
    the whites thought them well to hate just like they did. apartheid in a different colour look at even the new employment act idian and colored people are classed as whites hahahahahahhahahahahaha

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  • AntiLies

    you can only live in a white world (western civilization) if it is maintained by whites.
    ANC take note: without whites, there will be no gravy train and public trough for you to ride on and stick your snouts in.

    and when you come begging to the white man to come back and ‘fix it’, the white man will tell you to, rightly, GFY. That stands for GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    • Denver Goddess

      Clearly so since they did zilch with the country before whites arrived. The only reason they hate “apartheid” is because whites had better things for themselves. Had blacks made for themselves a decent habitation, they’d not have wanted to abandon the bush to demand entry into European communities.

  • Andrew Samuel Basson

    As a proud south african seing all these coments make me sad since we celebrated 20 years of freedom and all , though it seems there are stil spineliss racest folk all over hell its black on black white on black and all over the dam show sies you lot clearly have trouble since your hiding behind something as stopid as race , grow up smel the flowers and fart in public hell we are all here in south africa together if you can not accept that then shame please leave there seems to be no place for you arpund here , its funny to see how rude and plainly stopid the logic has become, simply put one black man makes a interisting article and what happens ? Othe blacks call him a boer lover since they can not accept change then what the hell do you want to live in caves ? Times have changed grow some balls and make something of yourself , and do not get me started on the whites only good for pointing put how hard they work when last did you help someone in the streets ? Let me see perhaps never why well your white pide is as bad as black egnorince . the sooner we find the fults in outselves the sooner we can see the good in others if you have a problem with something sport it out in a civilized manner and stop hiding behind the old and move on to the new . hell its the new south africa and from what i can gather i am having more fun then any one else here .

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  • Monwabisi Maswana

    If I may borrow the author words “I remembered the old adage; if you tell a lie several times, you may end up believing it. Moreover, some of your listeners may start to believe your lie” that I how I am reading this article. Rabelani Dagada is misleading our youth and distorting SA history. I believe that this is one of those educated blacks who are not really educated, our history is clear on the arrival of whites in SA. 1652, Jan Van Riebeck arrived in this country on three ships and the didn’t bring land with but arrived in our shores, secondly 1913 Native Land act deprived many blacks owner and gave white people land in SA. Let me just remind the author, segregation act also was used.

    • Nevyn

      Son, go catch a wake up, really you are ignorant in the extreme.

      The anc, sonny boy, are the ones distorting history, and stupid people like you fall for it, every time with out fail because it’s what you want to hear.

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  • Denver Goddess

    Why blacks think they have a right to move into a white community on the sole grounds that their own sucks a dog’s butt is beyond me. That is not oppression.

  • WhyNot

    Just btw: if you were BORN here in South Africa, by law you are a South African!! so everybody who’s parents and grand-parents have been here for generations are equally South-African. Fullstop. If certain people can not accept that reality they should go see a counselor or change the laws of the country. Blaming apartheid for the lack of progress in our economy is completely useless and Pointing fingers in every direction will also not improve the reality of what our government is doing (and not doing) for our country. If you wish to move forward you HAVE TO do what is FAIR for everyone involved, and what is useful to the improvement of our country as a whole. Purely trying to “get back at” certain races (for the decisions made by people who have been dead for years already) is not productive and chasing away skilled professionals in an awkward attempt to UPLIFT the nation is also not the most effective way to BUILD a nation. Government should stop stealing (land/jobs/tax money/precious time) and start delivering what they promised: a better life for ALL. Is that what is happening in our country right now? Is everybody’s life improving? According to the economic REALITY the answer is NO!

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  • Are you sure you’re South African? Because that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for this piece that’s not just pure regurgitated propaganda.

  • anonymousposter

    That’s a brilliant piece of writing. We need to put government-owned, fallow land into production, and what better way than to subsidise emerging black farmers to make use of it? Dispossessing white owners will result in great resistance and food insecurity, whereas empowering blacks can only strengthen the agricultural sector. Why can nobody else see this?

  • Claude

    Please, run for the office ! Thank you Sir, for telling the truth about Zimbabwe too.

  • Errol van Eck

    The ANC and cronies are so short sighted that they cannot see that their policies will lead to revenue loss. Which in turn would lead to tax loss, which is their income. As long as they could grab now, what there is to grab, that are happy. And they are not even thinking of their own descendents.

    • LAW

      Already the ANC has said that previously repatriated land can be bought back by the farmer it originally came from, if the land lies barren!
      Once Zuma has gone and the ANC find someone with a little bit more forethought they will realise the folly of land redistribution and start to protect the farming industry.

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  • Led Lighting

    This all makes sence,,SA whites have no problem with black rule,,all they
    want is to be able to produce food for the country as their ancestors did at a marginal profit to survive,,this political issue is so unappropriate

  • Rose Maria

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  • They are land theives wena! Do you seriously believe if us Blacks from Africa owed vast tracts of Europe today, just as European descendants do in USA and Australia, we would not be land theives. Try to show some mental balance!

  • Mtunzi France

    Great article! I feel like what we as black people want is to just have the status of “I own this much hectares of land” with no intention of using it. Check out the farms that were taken from productive white farmers, they are now just there, they don’t produce anything. The Land Redistribution thing was not planned properly, you can’t just give land to a person who knows nothing about farming and remove someone who did! I am black but sometimes the truth needs to be told. It would have been better to just ask a farmer to share maybe 25% of his profits with the person who owns that land, since I have noticed that we tend to just want to be given things without working for them!

    • LAW

      I agree. SA has to go down the share and work together route, if it wants to survive and flourish. So if a black south african recieves land fromt he gov then the government could offer incentives to the farmers near this man, to train and teach him how to farm commercially!
      It has already happened in Natal on a sugar cane farm, so i am sure it could work right across SA.
      But with people suich as yourselves and the writer of this great article speaking out i am sure things will change for the better of everybody!

  • LAW

    Rabelani Dagada should run for presidency. What a breath fo fresh air to hear someone thinking clearly without any prejudice at all.

  • bradlevin

    Yes thee owned only 20 percent of the land but it was the most fertile 20%

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  • Themba Chauke

    What if we say that DAGADA is an Educated uneducated person, your article is an insult to African community, when you talk about the issue of Zimbabwe do not rule out the sanction by the most powerfull regimes from the West.

    When you say that in 1913 these farmers were not born, is 1913 so far away that the farms couldnt be passed from one generetion to another, and I dont think there have been over two generetions in this regard.

    About the issu of Mozambique, you seem to be living in the past, most of the land use in Mozambique by our so called preciouse South African farmers is made fo market import and crops cultivated are not made for human consumption but for Biofuel. we call this land grabbing.

    Foreign invetments are just made for people like you and those farmers you are talking about including the banks, but poor people are not included in your romantic system

    Unfortunately, these investments are doing Africans no good. Local
    people continue to swim in the swamp of poverty. While big corporations
    continue to accumulate profits at the expense of poor people

    In Africa, we have huge investments taking place, yet

    Africa remains number one recipient of humanitarian aid.

    We need to ask ourselves, why humanitarian aid?

    Until when?

    And I wonder if we as Africans do need these types of Investments because
    they are just sucking the blood of the sufferers.

    We want to take control of our own lives.

    But our stumbling block is this perpetual practice of land grabbing.

    small-scale farming
    activities are some of the solutions that may lead us to food security.

    We repudiate land grabbing
    and Food cannot be reduced into a commodity in the hands of the transnational corporations.

    Remember there is no free lucnh in South Africa, while you push you stomach to your McDonalds, to consume unhealthy junk fast foods you may consider special, we from rural areas are busy with makwanda.

    I would suggest that you get your self sober because this is a high degree insult to Africans.

  • good article .. what amazes me about the SA state and government is how they copy losers and then claim this as a success …. its not rocket science to just go and take a winning solution off the shelf from elsewhere and plug it in

  • Romano Margon

    Every farmer killed also cuts the throats of the hundred and thousands of South Africans dependant on food security. Fools cutting their noses to spite their faces.

  • GPC

    Very good, well researched article. It’s a petty ANC “propaganda” gets preference over the truth. Then again, the truth won’t get you voters…..

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
  • Like it is

    haha too little, TOO LATE. There is a general, massive, underground movement for white farmers to abandon their hopes of working with BEE farmers, and by extension, the anc. That bridge has been BURNED already by the anc, and it will NEVER be repaired between the anc and white, successful, commercial farmers. The people of SA, the BLACK people of SA, is on the downward spiral to starvation, and millions are going to die of hunger, and their lives are only going to get worse and worse by the day. The anc not only must be voted out, they must entirely be destroyed for whites to once again pick up the african slack and start looking after, and feeding, the babies of mankind: blacks. Many lives are going to be lost before this happens. Like the saying goes amongst civilized people: you have made your bed, NOW SLEEP IN IT.

  • SpiritOfNehanda

    This read is just to disgraceful and shameful for me to even finish it. So crappy, you don’t even know where to begin. Ok fine Rabada, if you want to see that all your logic is not even worth the little bandwidth it consumed reaching me here, I dare you to dare one of your white DA colleagues to make this statement in public…

  • Pieter Versluis

    President Zuma said at the ANC’s 104th birthday celebrations that land was the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment in South Africa….
    He obviously aimed at redistribution of income and of wealth by means of the transfer of income and of wealth from some individuals to others by means of land reform, as we have heard previously.
    What are the facts?
    1) The unemployment figure for South Africans is 25% at least.
    2) Agriculture, forestry and fishing contributes less than 3% of the GDP of South Africa
    ( according to the latest information).
    Therefore, to transfer income and wealth by redistributing less than 3% of the economy in order to empower 25% of the people of South Africa economically, does not seem to be a good economic strategy.
    If the economic upliftment of people is any governor’s concern, should he (or they) not turn the attention to those sectors of the economy which will bring the biggest tangible economic results?
    The contribution of other sectors to the GDP is as follows:
    Manufacturing 15.0%
    Wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants 12.5%
    Transport, storage and communication 9.0%
    Finance, real estate and business services 21.4%
    Total 57.9%
    What conclusion other than the following can one come to from the above? Is it not, that to empower 25% of the people of South Africa economically, one has at least to focus on the above mentioned sectors that contribute 57.9% to the GDP.
    The land redistribution issue has a huge emotional impact on people. But the net effect of land redistribution on the economic upliftment of people, even if achieved fully, will be insignificant, or very small (as seen from the above mentioned figures).
    Therefore, to empower the people of South Africa economically, should the government not primarily focus on bringing BIG investments to South Africa in at least the above mentioned sectors of the economy?
    In addition, should it not avoid focusing on an issue like land reform, which because of its negative emotional impact on people fuels the underlying social tension and violence in South Africa, and thus actually discourages investments in the sectors that will bring real economic transformation?
    Should it not educate the people of South Africa on the insignificant effect land redistribution will have on the economic upliftment of people, and that rather focusing on growing industries in South Africa will be the main driver to create a thriving economic middle class?
    Shall we see and hear in the declared policies of the government, that the welfare of the people of the country is their main concern?

  • john madlener

    Truth.. good idea to look away now.

  • Albert IronStein

    In your thumb-suck, are you saying that 10 Million are beneficiaries of Bafokeng? that is about 18% of the entire SA population. If that is not what you are saying, then ix your sentences.

  • Wouter Kruidenier

    Very well written! This makes all the sense in the world! If only our goverment could understand it.. My dad was a farmer also, driven off his land by ex-farmworkers with threats. All his experience now unutilised and the farms are lying dormant since 2012. We still have contact with our good farmworkers there, they say it seems to them that God left the day that we moved away. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that fateful day in April 2012. They are struggling to make ends meet. My dad still pays for them for electricity and arange for them for pump-repairs to supply them with drinking water…all of this from the Western Cape to the farms in Mpumalanga…

  • WineCape

    Chill all. With Lord Huron …

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
  • Lita Wales

    Wow, finally someone with some sense, it would be so nice if the powers that be take your advice. This is coming from a farmer’s wife who is so tired of stressing about whether we can survive here as we are already in our 60’s.

  • Wayne Burger

    Well done Sir.

  • bhinikwa

    Being a Zimbabwean, a few facts need checking with us first.
    Its untrue to say these white farmers were not yet born in 1913. It is their forefathers who acquired that land disproportionately to blacks & used cheap labour to amass the wealth & experience they enjoy now. They bequithed all this to their kith & kin who are mostly the current farmers. Farming is mostly family business, son takes over fathers estate fully developed & adds value. He comes in with the necessary combined personal, human resource , business production experiences. All that is inherited. White farmers are fully aware of govt intentions on land restitution, they must begin their own initiatives of including blacks in farming value chain business including land tranfers at concessionary not market pricing. The Zim whites resisted until the situation got out of hand, S.A whites must avoid that repeat because blacks are blacks & history will repeat itself.