Three dead, two critically injured- Amajuba pass


Three men were declared dead and two women sustained critical injuries in a collision between two trucks on the N11, Amajuba Pass.

It is understood that the trucks, one travelling towards Newcastle and the other towards Volksrust, collided head on.

On arrival ER24 paramedics, provincial paramedics and other services found that three men were ejected from one of the trucks.

They were found on the road. They were assessed. Sadly there was nothing that could be done for them. They had succumbed to their injuries. They were declared dead.

Two women, one of whom had to be removed from the same truck and the other who was found on the side of the road, were assessed and found to be in a critical condition. They were treated and transported to local hospitals for further medical care. The driver of the other truck was uninjured.

The exact cause of the incident is unknown.

Authorities were on scene for further investigations.