Jacobs: ANC needs to do some healing


Secretary of the African National Congress in the Western Cape, Faiez Jacobs, said the biggest challenge for the party in that province would be to restore credibility after what was a dismal performance in the Local Government Elections.

In the build-up to and during the electoral poll, the ANC in that province had encountered several internal crises. Chief among was the personal troubles of party chair Marius Fransman, who is still the subject of an investigation.

The manner in which the national leadership of the party dealt with Western Cape problems was not ideal either. The fact the provincial launch for the elections got cancelled was also an indictment in the region. The party’s ducks were not in a row and Jacobs admits that.

“People are increasingly saying they are not happy with the ANC,” said Jacobs in Cape Town this weekend.

“The organisation needs to go through a process of healing,” added Jacobs, who could not hide his disappointment at the results during the elections.

The party often talks about going back to basics, but that is often in the context of service delivery at the various government structures. For Jacobs, going back to basics means implementing major interventions at branch structures in that province.

“The truth that we are faced with today is not pretty, but you know what, it went there on our watch. Well, let us fix it on our watch,” said Jacobs.