Mashatile: Voters must be heard


Chairman of the African National Congress in Gauteng, Paul Mashatile, said it was incumbent upon members of the party to voice their concerns, if they ever felt that the leadership of the organisation had erred in any way.

The Gauteng region has developed a reputation for standing up against the national establishment and has sometimes paid the price for that. However, Mashatile said it was now more critical than ever that branches play a more active and vocal role in ANC politics.

“As our people cry out against corruption, we must respond. As our people cry out against the high fees of e-tolls we must respond,” Mashatile at a party funeral in Johannesburg this weekend.

Despite often taking a stand against the national leadership of the party, the Gauteng branch suffered considerable losses during the Local Government Elections earlier this month. Mashatile said voters had spoken, and that it would be prudent for the leadership of the ANC to listen to those concerns.

“We must tell our people ‘we have heard you’ and we will do away with the high fees… and find other ways to fund the infrastructure,” said Mashatile, making particular reference to the e-tolls saga, that has been so decisive in Gauteng.

However, that is not the only area of concern for voters and the ruling party, with State Capture still being a major storyline. Mashatile said it was a storyline that could not be ignored.

“Let us respond when our people cry out to state capture,” explained Mashatile.