City officials help deliver baby


Two officials with the City of Cape Town Disaster Risk Management team helped to deliver a baby near Bakoven on Sunday.

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, said that the two officials, Sam Freeman and Dominique Daniels, had been involved with the Identikidz programme. A law enforcement officer approached and told them a woman had gone into labour in one of the public bathrooms.

Freeman responded and assisted with the delivery, while Daniels kept the Disaster Operations Center and the en route emergency medical services updated.

Once the baby was born, Freeman wrapped him in a blanket provided by a bystander and waited for emergency services to arrive before cutting the umbilical cord.

Mother and baby, named Samuel, were transported to Somerset Hospital.

Alderman Smith praised the efforts of the two saying “Yet again, our staff members have done the City proud.

“We’re told the mom was only six months pregnant, so the actions of Messrs Freeman and Daniels are to be commended. If they hadn’t responded in the way they did, the situation might have turned out differently.”