Maine: ANC has been infiltrated


President of the ANC Youth League Collen Maine said the greatest problem facing the governing party right now, was the infiltration – within its leadership structures – of individuals who report to somebody other than the African National Congress (ANC).

Maine said they were the ones slowing South Africa’s economic revolution, adding that the gains made by the governing party would always be limited if these individuals were allowed continue exerting influence within the organisation.

When addressing the question of South Africa achieving the goals of its economic revolution, Maine said: “I tell people ‘yes and no’.”

“‘Yes’ because we have achieved a lot, but ‘no’ because the ANC has been infiltrated by those in leadership who are reporting elsewhere,” added Maine this week.

He said complacency within the governing party had been a significant factor during the past two decades, adding that it was another element hampering the ANC plans for an economic revolution.

“There are those within ANC leadership who have become comfortable after 1994,” Maine told young leaders in Durban this week.

“They drive German cars and have delayed the [economic] revolution. We want our land, we want our minerals back. We want nationalisation of the Reserve Bank,” added Maine.