The Best Ways To Spend Your Time In Cape Town

The southernmost country of the wild and beautiful continent of Africa is a tourist destination for travellers from all over the world, and no wonder. Beautiful scenery, rich culture, fantastic weather – what’s not to love?

The southernmost country of the wild and beautiful continent of Africa is a tourist destination for travellers from all over the world, and no wonder. Beautiful scenery, rich culture, fantastic weather – what’s not to love?

If you’re visiting Cape Town, the second most populous city of South Africa, there are an amazing number of opportunities for unique experiences. Here are our most recommended Cape Town adventures1

Take the plunge and experience Great White Sharks up close

Have a great time with Great Whites with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


The ocean! But first, go to Swart St, Van Dyks Bay, 7220

How much?

From R1,650 (€105) per adult or R900 (€58) per child


Experience the ultimate animal sightseeing thrill and get intimate with the ocean’s most fearsome and impressive creatures. South Africa is known as the shark capital of the world, with a full quarter of the world’s 400 shark species calling the warm waters of the African coast home.

If you’re any sort of adrenaline junkie then the chance to head south to Gansbaai, the Great White capital of South Africa, is one for your bucket list. Take a cage dive into shark-infested waters and find out why these creatures are so revered.

Including a shuttle service from Cape Town to Gansbaai, a full continental breakfast, all diving gear and a certificate of completion, this fantastic chance to see one of the world’s most fearsome and majestic animals up close and personal can’t be missed!

Raise a toast to the South African winelands

From wine snobs to winos, all booze fans should make time for a visit!


Less than an hour from Cape Town

How much?



OK, to do this one you will need to drive an hour out of the city. However, you’re in South Africa, so it’s an incredibly beautiful and scenic drive. Hmm… thinking about it, perhaps it’s best to have a designated driver!

South African wine is exported all over the world, and the Cape Winelands are the beating heart of that industry. Historic estates and rolling vineyards as far as the eye can see, with nearly every farm and vineyard offering wine tasting.

Make like James Bond at South Africa’s premier casino

The name’s Casino… GrandWest Casino.


1 Jakes Gerwel Drive, Goodwood, 7460

How much?

How much have you got?


Less James Bond, more James Biltong! Cape Town’s largest casino and entertainment venue is Grandwest, brought to you by Sun International.

The only casino in Cape Town has round-the-clock entertainment, including live performances from world-famous acts; award-winning restaurants open 24/7; a fantastic selection of drinks at various bars; oh, and of course, there’s a lot of ways to gamble!

Slots, poker, blackjack, roulette – whatever your preference, GrandWest has a spot for you. Whether you’re a casino veteran or just used to having a flutter online, you’re more than welcome to try out the tables at Cape Town’s best venue.

If you’re heading to Cape Town next month, make sure you don’t miss the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) tournament taking place live at the casino on November 11.

Hit the top of Table Mountain – and abseil back down!

This world-famous African mountain is the highest form of flattery…


Just outside the city – it’s a kilometre-high mountain, so you can’t really miss it!

How much?

From R995 (€62) per person


The iconic flat-topped Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town, and no visit to the South African city is complete without staring out from the plateau over the breath-taking landscape below.

The mountain can be summited on foot and the way up is truly beautiful and wild, though admittedly exhausting – the less-adventurous tourist may want to find a different way to the top!

We’re not all Sir Edmund Hillary, so you won’t need to pack your ropes and crampons. Catch the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway up the mountain to give you a great perspective on the South African City.

Then, you can abseil back down – if you’re brave enough to take the 112-metre plunge!

Gorge on South African Braai – the world’s best barbeque!

Put those angry rants away, Americans – South Africa does the world’s best BBQ!


1-4 Stand Street, Woodstock, Cape Town

How much?

From R30 (€1.90) per person


There is no barbeque like South African barbeque, and that is a fact coming from a writer who has eaten various animals from various grills the world over. Sorry, Texas – South Africa has you beaten here!

You won’t eat meat like you eat meat in South Africa, and the best spot in Cape Town comes in the shape of aMadoda Braai. A great vibe, great music and great meat makes this the best place to experience South African BBQ – and it’s incredibly cheap, too, even for the most gluttonous among us!




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