Driver arrested for fitting 31 passengers in taxi


A Zimbabwe national has been arrested for overloading his taxi to more than double its capacity.

The 28-year old is expected to appear in court in Limpopo on Tuesday.

He was arrested on the N1 near Mokopane on Monday en route to Johannesburg, when he was found to have 31 passengers in his van.

The maximum limit is 14 passengers.

Some of his passengers are also believed to be illegal immigrants, who did not have the correct documentation to be in South Africa, EWN reports.

The Limpopo Traffic Department’s Joshua Kwapa says “We will ensure that we get a guilty conviction on this matter. We are emphasising the fact that we’re leaving no stones unturned in terms of enforcing the law as far as road safety is concerned.”

The passengers who were not legally in the country are expected to be deported. They were detained by Home Affairs officials.