Zuma says God is on the ANC’s side


President Jacob Zuma maintains that nobody can stop the African National Congress (ANC), because God was still on the governing party’s side.

Speaking ahead of the party’s 105th anniversary celebrations, which are taking place in Soweto this weekend, Zuma explained that the ANC had a long history with the church and with God, dating as far back as the party’s launch, 105 years ago.

He insists that this religious bond cannot be broken.

“No one can stop us because we have God on our side – He’s on our side,” said Zuma.

“When the ANC was formed, there were religious leaders present who thanked the Lord for delivering to them the people’s movement.

“The people have been liberated now – hence the ANC will rule until Jesus comes back to save us,” added Zuma.

Zuma said the birth of the ANC and birth of Christ were interlocked, adding that supporters of the party should think of them on the same terms.

“We as believers never forget that the Son of God was sent to cleanse the world of its sins. The birth of the ANC was intended to liberate the oppressed people of South Africa.

“This (January 8) is the day which we will never forget, just like we don’t forget Christmas. These two dates are the same and no one can separate them: the birth of Jesus to cleanse the world of its sins, and the ANC’s birth to liberate the oppressed,” added Zuma.