Miraculous escape from riderless bike crash


Occupants of a vehicle travelling down the N1 on Sunday miraculously escaped unscathed after crashing into a bike, that was operating without a driver.

The driver of the car saw a motorbike hurdling towards the vehicle, but was unable to avoid it on the N3 near Harrismith.

According to reports, the driver of the bike had been catapulted off from it after a blowout. The driver was flung into a tree and barrier, but the bike continued down the road, into the oncoming vehicle.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said “The motorbike continued down the road and collided with a car. The driver reports that he saw the bike hurtling towards him without a rider but was unable to avoid it”.

The biker was found lying forty metres down the road from the crash. He had succumb to his injuries.

“Tragically he died on impact due to the extensive injuries that he sustained. The occupants from the car miraculously escaped uninjured,” Botha said.

Authorities are investigating.