Disha Patani: Women must be their own heroes


Public outrage continues in India, after the mass molestation incident that took place on the streets of Bangalore on New Year’s Eve.

In the aftermath of that incident local police said they had credible evidence that numerous Indian women were groped by strangers during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, adding that the CCTC footage would be used to pursue the offenders.

However, in the interim prominent members of Indian society have thought it prudent to speak out and promote the safety of women in what is an increasingly dangerous world.

The latest to speak out is Indian actress Disha Patani, who could not stress enough the importance of teaching women self defense.

Speaking to Filmfare this week, Patani said: “I’m saddened and hurt by the mass molestation incident that took place in Bengaluru.”

The incident highlights the grim realities that are faced by women in Indian everyday, and for Patani it is a constant reminder of just how vigilant one has to be under these circumstances.

“As a girl who stays away from her family and constantly traveling on work, it frightens me to think of how unsafe it is to stay out late or wear outfits that might be deemed inappropriate, by not only lawbreakers but lawmakers too,” added Patani.

While the law is there to protect the inhabitants of India, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the onus is also on individuals to take care of their own safety. Patani said women needed to learn to protect themselves too.

“These episodes just re-instill my belief that we need to be our own heroes. We have a long way to go on educating our social system but at this point I strongly feel that self defense is an absolute must for every woman out there,” added Patani.

“As someone with a background in gymnastics and martial arts, I know how empowered , safe and secure knowing a few basic self-defense techniques can make a woman/girl feel. Let’s get moving.”