Shabana Azmi: Keeping in touch with reality is not easy


Veteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi said one of the greatest challenges she has encountered during her stellar career, is keeping in contact with reality while pursuing her craft.

The characters that she has played throughout her career have varied so much. However, the challenge does not end there. It is the celebrity lifestyle, itself, that can often run away with you, and she insists that keeping a firm grip on reality can be an enormous undertaking.

Speaking to this week, Azmi said: “You must fight that. Kevin Spacey told me that he still takes the tube once in a while in New York (USA) just to prevent himself from becoming ossified.”

Separating your personal life from your professional life is not easy in this profession, and it does have its negatives.

However, Azmi also reminds her supporters that one can and probably should source much of the inspiration for their work from their daily lives.

“An actor’s life should be his or her resource base. The bandwidth required to inhabit the world of varied characters demands an actor to be on a constant journey to self-discovery,” added Azmi.

“Actors should observe life and empathize with people,” she added.