Robber and victim killed in home invasion


Two people have been killed in a botched robbery in Newlands West in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to reports, a group of men entered the home of an off-duty police officer, with the intention of robbery.

The off duty officer was woken by the sound of his son screaming, and he went to investigate.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said in a statement; “The police member was asleep in his bedroom when he heard his son screaming for help. When he proceeded to him he discovered that his son was in altercation with the suspect and was bleeding”.

“The policeman then shouted to his wife asking her to give him his firearm, which the wife did. At that time the officer also joined his son and wrestled a knife from the suspect,” Mbhele added.

“The policeman held the suspect down until his wife gave him his service firearm and eventually shot [the suspect in the stomach]. The suspect died instantly,” she said.

The robber allegedly showed a gun during the incident.

It was later revealed that the robber’s gun was a toy.

The officer’s son died at hospital from a stab wound to his body.