Fun ideas for school lunches


Summer holidays are notorious for the amounts of junk food we consume.

Kids especially love the freedom of the holidays, and the excessive candy and treats they are permitted, unlike the norm.

Alas, the norm has returned.

But this doesn’t mean we need to go back to bland, boring school lunches.

Here are a few ideas to keep your children’s lunchboxes interesting:


Add summer fruit

Summer has a great selection of in-season fruit. Add some fruit salad to their lunch boxes, instead of a boring old PB&J sandwich.

Fruit will keep them hydrated, refreshed and delicious. It will also give them a natural sugar high.

Cookie cutters

For younger kids, shape and colours are very stimulating. Buy cookie cutters, and shape their sandwiches into circles, or star… whatever they like.

It would be a fun activity to have them cut their own sandwiches for the day. It will give them something to look forward to at lunchtime, especially if they are new to the school routine.


Skip the bread

Bread can be really heavy on the stomach, and may leave your child sluggish for the second part of the school day.

Rather add a finger food selection like hot-dogsĀ and blocks of cheese.


Dessert Wednesdays

Okay, maybe not Wednesday, but designate a day in which your kid only gets a treat for lunch, like cake, a muffin or cookies. This should encourage them to eat their healthy lunch for the rest of the week, in the hopes of a little reward on dessert day.


Made a delicious pasta the night before, but now you have loads left? Pack some in for your child !

Don’t forget to pack a spoon!