SAPS suspect domestic violence in Pietersburg murders


Westernburg police are investigating into three deaths at Pietersburg Doornkraal Fees Terrein, just outside Polokwane on Saturday night. 

Two of the deceased were siblings and the murders happened at their home. The allegation is that Leonora and Martinus le Roux were confronted in their home by Leonora’s former partner Benjamin Dorfling (also found dead at the scene), before the murders happened.

Police say they are investigating the possibility that domestic violence might have been behind these crimes.

“Benjamin is alleged to be the ex-boyfriend of Leonora le Roux and Martinus le Roux is Leonora’s brother,” said police spokesperson Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe.

“It is alleged that Benjamin went to the residence of Leonora and Martinus, on arrival, an argument ensued until Benjamin produced a firearm, shot and killed both Leonora and Martinus and later he was found lying dead with a gunshot wound and the firearm was found next to his body in the same house,” added Ngoepe.

“The motive behind this incident is not clear yet but domestic violence cannot be ruled out.”