Lillian Dube: ‘We need to be honoured while we are still alive’


South African actress Lillian Dube has thrown shade at the entertainment industry saying that they are more interested in "short skirts and g-strings" than celebrating an incredible legend like Joe Mafela.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Dube opened up about not not being invited to the SAFTAs that took place at the weekend.

Dube also revealed that Mafela had also not been invited. 

She said she felt as if everyone had forgotten about her. 

"I asked him how he could go on a cruise while the Saftas was on and he said that he was not invited. I was not invited either. We spoke about the industry and how we were being marginalised and not being given enough respect for what we've done. We need to be honoured while we are still alive not forgotten."

She went on to say that actors and actresses don't benefit much from being in the entertainment industry once there are no longer gigs available for them.

Dube said that once the industry no longer needs you, you are "often left out on your own".

The actress said that the entertainment industry is not focusing on the right things, instead they praise short skirts and g-strings.

"How can the industry celebrate short skirts and g-strings while we have legends like Joe Mafela? The focus is not on the right things. These are people who are pioneers and who have set the trail for many South African artists," she said. 

Mafela died in a motor vehicle accident at the weekend.

Metro police spokesperson Edna Mamonyane, speaking to TshisaLIVE, said: “We can confirm that on M1 North between the Oxford and Houghton turn-offs there was an accident between a Ford Figo and a bakkie which took place in a construction zone.”