Ayanda Mabulu shocks SA with Zuma and Mandela painting


Controversial graphic artist Ayanda Mabulu’s latest painting of the late Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma has caused quite a stir on social media on Thursday. 

Mabulu is known for his paintings which shows Zuma in a sexual manner, but this time he decided to include Mandela.

Speaking on his latest work, Mabulu said that the the message behind the painting is “simple and clear”.

“The message in the painting is simple and clear: the country and everything we fought for before ’94 and post ’94, is constantly and continuously being raped by this rapist president of ours,” he told EWN.

But many disagree with the way Mabulu painted Mandela in his latest artwork, saying that this time Mabulu’s painting has crossed the line.

A few hours after Mabulu shared his latest artwork on Facebook,he was asked to remove it. He then uploaded another version of the painting with Zuma and Mandela’s private parts covered up.

“Guys i had to take down my original painting because they threatened to shut down my fb account. Its a pity these Zupta puppets don’t know what is freedom of expression (sic),” he wrote.

Check out Mabulu’s painting below.