Pearl Modiadie shares advice on letting go of toxic relationships


South African TV personality Pearl Modiadie says that advice she received from her mother when she was younger is how she manages to overcome difficulties every time. 

In an interview with Bona magazine, Pearl admitted that her mother was a no-nonsense person and always reminded her that she should also be that way.

"My mom used to say, ‘bekezela (hold on) for what?’ She didn’t take any nonsense, and felt that nobody should stand for it either."

Pearl says that when people treat you negatively, this is when it is time to let them go. 

She admits that this advice is something that she plans to pass on to her children one day. 

"You teach people how to treat you, and if they don't treat you that way, you let them go. Whether it’s toxic relationships, friendships or jobs, you shouldn’t stay where you feel unwanted. This is one lesson I will pass on to my children," she said.