$800-million cash injection required to combat Somalian famine


A call has been made for a $800-million cash injection into Somalian humanitarian efforts, as that country continues to be devastated by a prolonged drought and famine.

The drought in that country has been compounded by the high levels of poverty and insecurity. Somalia is still a fragile state and the outlook is not good, which makes humanitarian efforts that much more difficult to implement.

“The humanitarian crisis has deteriorated more rapidly than was originally projected,” said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Raisedon Zenenga.

He was speaking to Council in New York this week.

“The scaled up response by humanitarian agencies has averted a famine in the country thus far, but the crisis is unlikely to abate any time soon. The needs for humanitarian assistance are increasing faster than the pace of response,” added a concerned Zenenga.

Zenenga said that while efforts that had already been made were significant, the sheer scale of the drought and famine in the African country effectively meant very little headway was being made.