Kremlin: US-led airstrikes in Syria are a gross violation


Word from the Kremlin is that Russia was not amused, following another series of United States-sanctioned airstrikes in Syria this week.

The strikes were made against pro-Assad troops on Thursday, and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov is adamant that these strikes amounted to a gross violation of Syria’s sovereignty, adding that any hopes of finding a political solution to the conflict, in that region, have probably been significantly dented.

It also appears the strikes have probably hampered any chance that the United States and Russia would work towards finding a long term solution for the region.

“Any military action leading to an escalation of the situation in Syria has an impact on the political process,” Gatilov told Russian journalists on Friday.

“It (Thursday’s strike) is utterly unacceptable and a violation of Syria’s sovereignty,” added Gatilov.

The strikes in question are believed to have hit one of Syria’s military points, and several people were killed by the strike. The sentiment is that these strikes, under the Donald Trump administration, will eventually make the fight against Islamic terror that much more difficult to negotiate, and not the other way around.

Gatilov is particularly perturbed by what he believes to have been a second series of strikes earlier in the week, also by the United States.

“Literally a day before this (Thursday’s strike) a strike was carried out which resulted in a large number of civilian deaths, which is also unacceptable,” added Gatilov.