Taxi driver caught off-guard, as passenger goes into labour


Netcare911 paramedics were pleasantly surprised on Friday, when they were called in to deliver the baby of a taxi passenger on the M13, near the St Johns Bridge on-ramp in Pinetown.

When Netcare911 officials – or any paramedics for that matter – get called in for a taxi related incident, the news is often bleak. That wasn’t the case in Pinetown today though.

Suffice to say, the delivery was successful, as paramedics helped bring a little girl into the world. The birth was a little premature, but the child and mother were in a stable condition, after what was a dramatic day for all involved.

“The pregnant 31-year-old lady went into labour unexpectedly whilst commuting in the minibus taxi,” said Netcare911 paramedics.

Taxi drivers have been known to counter many a tricky situation on the roads, but this one was out of Pinetown driver’s hands.

“The driver was made aware of the situation and he pulled over to the middle island. RTI traffic officers who were stationed nearby went to investigate and were told of the situation,” added Netcare911.

Officials say the timing of the incident was impeccable, as people able to help were all close by.

“They knew that the Netcare 911 paramedics were stationed nearby so one rushed to their location to call for help. Paramedics responded to the incident and arrived on the scene within about two minutes. There was no time to move the mum to the ambulance and the minibus taxi was emptied to create space and privacy. The Netcare 911 team safely delivered the baby in the taxi before moving mum and her little girl to the ambulance.

“Although the baby was premature, both patients were in a stable condition and were transported to the hospital for further medical care. Thanks to the swift action of the traffic officer, the paramedics arrived just in time to take control of the situation and assist as nature followed its course.”