Zuma not amused by behaviour of Alliance partners


President Jacob Zuma said the primary challenge facing him right now – as he prepares to end his tenure at the helm of the African National Congress – will be to heal the rifts that have manifested themselves in the governing alliance.

The divisions in the ANC have become more rooted during Zuma’s tenure at the helm of the organization. Whether those divisions are his fault or not is neither here nor there, but the reality is that this has happened under his watch.

The South African President is now entering a period of legacy building and healing those wounds has become his number one priority. Zuma was speaking at the ANC cadre’s forum in Durban this weekend.

There have been many calls for Zuma to step down this year, especially from within the Tripartite Alliance structures. The Congress of the South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party have been very vocal.

“We seriously need to discuss that with Cosatu and the party, even their pronouncement when we the ANC had not yet done so those are matters I can’t dwell on much because those are matters that need a discussion between us,” said Zuma.

“Because as an alliance it is important for us to discuss that. We had decided to meet first to have a meeting of the political council of the alliance which is the upper structure where we co-ordinate things,” he said.

Suffice to say, Zuma is not amused by the stance that has been taken by many of the ANC’s Alliance partners. He explained that the ANC had never dictated to them on who they should or should not elect in the past. That the alliance partners have adopted this route is cause for concern, for him.

“The ANC historically has never taken a decision about any of the alliance partners, but this matter again we will go into when we meet because we are not in the business of discussing those things for the sake of the public. Decorum needs to be exercised in such.”