#ChooseDay pick me up: Date My Family Gone Wrong


It is Tuesday, yes the second day of the week and maybe you’re feeling the drag. But worry not, here is something to help you get through the week.

Local dating show Date My Family is loved by South Africans for not only helping people find love, but also because of it’s extra saucy drama.

Those who appear on the show usually have viewers running to Twitter for those memes that have us wanting to pack our bags and leave the country.

Well, in case you have never watched the show and have no idea what the craze is about, the guys at Ofentse Mwase Films decided to show you exactly what you having been missing out on.

Ta Fire, Fash Ngobese and Nelisiwe Mwase – who are well known for their own funny videos – show us what happens when things go wrong on Date My Family.

The video is currently the number 1 trending video on Youtube, and below you can see why.

Watch the video below to catch up on all the chaos!