Cable tells Britain to expect economic shock after Brexit


Former Business Minister, Vince Cable, said people of the United Kingdom should not con themselves into thinking that the country would be able to emerge from these Brexit negotiations unscathed.

Cable said the prospects of the United Kingdom encountering a fresh economic crisis were significant, adding that the extent of the crisis would spark a paradigm shift in that country.

The political parties that campaigned against Brexit have been shunned, and failed to make tremendous headway during the General Election earlier this year. However, Cable – set to become the next Leader of the Liberal Democrats – said things are changing fast.

“There is something here which is not sustainable and it is going to hit us very hard,” Cable told journalists this week.

Despite the opposition parties making insignificant gains during the most recent elections, Prime Minister Theresa May does still find herself in a precarious position, and Cable believes she will be found wanting as her term in office progresses.

“We are getting into an environment where economics comes back to centre stage. People didn’t vote to be poorer and when they find that that’s the environment in which they are in, I think the whole political chemistry around this subject will radically change,” added a confident Cable.

Cable, who was a part of the Lib Dem leadership that sold its soul and formed a government with David Cameron’s Conservative Party in 2010, still thinks the British public will turn on the Tories and Labour, presenting an opening for his party to formulate a path for the country, going forward.

“We are not going to advance by small incremental steps – that is not my objective, it is actually to make a breakthrough,” said Cable.

“The electorate is very volatile, they have been offered two alternatives neither of which I think are convincing and plausible and I think if we get the messaging right, we have an opportunity to break through the (political) middle,” he said.