Cosmetics 101: The Makeup Bag


Makeup can be a girl’s favourite thing and also the worst, especially since it can be so confusing. But don’t worry, here are a few tips concerning makeup bags to make sure you have the basic necessities to ensure that you are beat!

It is very important to clean out your makeup bag, ladies, if it, has been around for too long it belongs in the bin. Makeup usually comes with a Period After Opening or PAO mark usually found on the back of the product.

When it comes to makeup it is always good to remember that we all have different skin types and what might work for your bestie might not work well for you.

Here are the basic makeup items that your bag should contain;


A good foundation can take you from A to Z in an instant, that is why it is important to always get a shade that is close as can be to your natural complexion.

Having a good skin routine is important and that doesn’t mean just washing your face ladies. Toning your face is key, especially if you wear makeup regularly as you want to remove all the excess dirt that lies on your skin. Don’t forget to moisturise before applying makeup.

Eyeliner or Mascara

Your eyes are an important feature on your face and if you want them to stand out, eyeliner and mascara are your go-to items! They will add some pop to your eyes, and who doesn’t love longer lashes.


The volumes that are spoken with a good lipstick will have anyone speaking your language. The great thing about lipstick is the number of choices you have in terms of colour. Matte or glossy, the choices are endless!


A powder is a must because so much happens during the day and touch-ups are needed. A powder can be used as a foundation or just for touch-ups during the day.

Tools, Brushes, sponges etc.

Hope y’all are not using your hands to apply your makeup.  Girl, that’s messy! Using a good brush or beauty blender can take your face beat to new levels. Using a brush or sponges actually, makes your beat look more flawless and well put together.

Now ladies, slay!!