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AA urges parents to buckle up their kids

The Automobile Association of South Africa has urged both parents and law enforcement to be more diligent in implementing legislation requiring children under the age of three to be secured in a child seat.

The law has been in effect for over a year now and the AA claims it has done little to influence the way people travel with their children, which they find concerning.

“When the law came into effect in July 2015 we welcomed the change to the legislation, and called on authorities to ensure a wide education and enforcement campaign was launched to ensure infants get the protection the law provides,” the AA told Wheels24.

“We are dismayed that too many people are failing to buckle up and protect children in the car.”

The association reveals their observational research shows only seven percent of children that should be secured in a child seat while in a car are buckled up.

“This is extremely worrying and speaks directly to the poor attitude drivers have; not only are they disregarding the law, but they are risking their children’s lives,” the AA added.

“More needs to be done to enforce this law, otherwise its introduction would have been meaningless.

“Considering how easy it is to put a child in a car seat, or use a seatbelt, we believe the attitude of some drivers needs urgent attention. We want to again urge every driver to buckle-up and be safe: it’s a simple, easy way to protect yourself.”