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The Secret…Natural Cleansing

The Secret…Natural Cleansing

– By Amy Hendrickse New medical studies have discovered links between the increase in air pollution and decreased physical health. Hours of sitting in traffic and being exposed to noxious gases can manifest into problematic skin, nails, hair and respiratory function. Most of these side effects can be solved with a few ingredients that are


Magnesium Deficiency Linked to Depression – Nutritionist

Three quarters of South Africans are believed to be deficient in magnesium, an essential nutrient that if lacking, will fuel diseases such as depression and psychosis, said nutritional consultant Vanessa Ascenacao in a statement on Wednesday. “Millions of South Africans suffer daily from magnesium deficiency without even knowing it,” she said. “Research is increasingly showing

Tim Noakes

The Low-Carb Diet: Is the Tide Turning?

The debate over carbohydrates, sparked locally by exercise science professor Tim Noakes, continues to rage over dinner tables and in the medical community. In a recent debate at the Vitality Summit in Sandton on Friday Johannesburg cardiologist Anthony Dalby called Noakes’ high fat, low carbohydrate diet ‘criminal’. But an article in the medical blog Healio

Tim Noakes

New Research Shows Noakes Diet No More Than Dangerous Fad

South African celebrity professor, Tim Noakes’ controversial low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet is not healthier or better for losing weight than following a balanced weight-loss diet, according to a University of Stellenbosch study published in the Plos One journal on Wednesday. About 3 200 participants took part in 19 international scientific trials reviewed by the university. These

The Honest Coca Cola Obesity Commercial YouTube

WATCH: The Coke Ad You’ll Never See On TV

Watch a brutally honest ad for Coca-Cola that will probably never reach your television screens. The video uploaded to YouTube is a voiced over version of an original commercial. It describes how of the 650 beverages produced by the company, 180 of them are low or no calorie choices. According to the video, these ‘diet’


Kick the habit Ahead of World No Tobacco Day

As South Africa prepares to mark World No Tobacco Day on Saturday, Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi warned smokers that now is the time to quit. “I urge people to quit smoking right away. Smoking causes deaths from lung cancer and heart disease, and these are lifestyle diseases that can be prevented,” he said. “The Department


Life is Harder With Insomnia

San Diego –Researchers at the University of California have used brain imaging to prove what insomnia sufferers have long known: life is more difficult if you cannot sleep. The study was conducted in the department of psychiatry and followed 50 people, half insomnia sufferers and half good sleepers. “We found that insomnia subjects did not