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Zuma Sends Condolences to Somalia

President Jacob Zuma has sent condolences to the government and the people of Somalia following the death of ambassador Sayid Sheriff on Wednesday. “In this time of mourning, our thoughts are with Ambassador Sheriff’s family. We wish them strength during this difficult time,” Zuma said in a statement. Sheriff passed away in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Egyptian Vice President

Egypt Appoints Prime Minster and Vice-President

Cairo – The US welcomed Egypt’s “plan for the path forward” and its appointment of economist Hazem el-Beblawi as Prime Minister, and nobel laureate Mohamed Elbaradei as Vice-President. The country has been in a state of conflict and chaos since the military coup removed Mohamed Morsi as President of Egypt last week. Egyptian Defence Minister


Slow Onset Emergency In Namibia and Angola – Red Cross

Windhoek – Namibia has been in a state of emergency for over a month, due to drought conditions and food shortages that are only set to worsen. Neighbouring country Angola is experiencing the worst drought in 25 years. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) on Monday launched an appeal for

Barack Obama

U.S Wont Cut Off Aid to Egypt-Yet

Washington- The White House refused on Monday to label the military ouster of Egypt’s president a coup  and said there would be no immediate cut-off in US aid to Egypt in a move that distances Washington from the country’s toppled Muslim Brotherhood leadership. White House spokesman Jay Carney, peppered with questions about Egypt at a

U.N. Should Deploy Drones, Gunships for South Sudan Mission

Juba-The U.N. special envoy to South Sudan on Monday called on the United Nations to deploy surveillance drones and helicopter gunships in the region because peacekeepers are struggling to protect civilians from violence and rights abuses. Hilde Johnson told the U.N. Security Council that after a U.N. civilian helicopter was shot down in December, new

Egypt Protest

Egypt Releases Timetable after ‘Monday Massacre’

Egypt’s interim administration has published a timetable for transition to a new democratic government, hours after the Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide protests after the army shot dead scores of people. The interim administration expressed “deep regret” for those killed in violence in Cairo on Monday, adding that it had formed a judicial committee to

Egypt Protest

Egypt: 42 Killed As Struggle For Power Continues

Cairo – At least 42 people were killed and hundreds wounded early Monday morning after a shooting at a sit-in by the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. The sit-in was part of the Brotherhood’s ongoing demand for the reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. According to Al Jazeera a Brotherhood MP, Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El-Beltagy described

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathon

Nigeria Hit By Anti-Homphobia Hacker

Lagos – The Nigerian official government was attacked last week by an Irish hacker expressing his anger over Nigeria’s anti-homosexual laws. According to Nigeria’s Premium Times Irish hacker Paddy Hack targeted the government website on Thursday night in an attempt to coerce Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathon to veto a bill which will jail homosexuals in

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Egypt Interim Prime Minister Removed Before Taking Office

Cairo – The announcement by Egyptian state media of the nomination of Mohamed ElBaradei as the country’s interim prime minister was cast in doubt only a few hours later. Just before midnight on Saturday presidential spokesperson, Ahmed el-Musilamani, told waiting journalists that ElBaradei had not been chosen as prime minister. It was widely expected that

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Elections to be delayed in Togo

Togo- Togo’s political opposition on Saturday said parliamentary elections set for July 21 will no longer take place as planned. There was no immediate confirmation from the government on the possible delay. But one official said the polls could be pushed back a day or two following opposition threats of a boycott. The opposition coalition