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Trophy hunting of elephants in the spotlight again

Trophy hunting of elephants in the spotlight again

The relevance of trophy hunting as a conservation tool in Africa came under the spotlight yet again as American and European trophy hunters flocked to the Dallas Safari Clubs annual convention in preparation for their visits to Africa to shoot rhinos, elephants, lions and other endangered animals.

Is crowdfunding the future of conservation?

Is crowdfunding the future of conservation?

When Carole Cerny first came to South Africa in 2012 as a volunteer with GVI to work on a lion monitoring project, little did she know that her life would change irrevocably and discover her future life’s’ work after being exposed first hand to South Africa’s ongoing poaching crisis which is ravaging the last remaining crash of Rhino’s in public and private wildlife parks.

Sere Wind Farm

UCT research examines relationship between Eskom and bird conservation

Nature conservation is often complicated by conflicting land-use demands. David Maphisa’s PhD thesis, “Towards adaptive management of high-altitude grasslands: Ingula as a case study”, focuses on a moist, high-altitude grassland where Eskom is building a pumped storage scheme. To offset the negative effects of this development, Eskom has bought additional land that is to be managed for bird conservation.


SA Chinese leaders against illegal trade

Participating in a conference in Johannesburg entitled “Is the China-Africa Nexus An Emerging Partnership to Combat Wildlife Poaching and Trafficking” participants said the Chinese Government’s recent tightening up on illegal trade as well as increased access to information was fostering a greater understanding of why wildlife should be protected.

Cecil Lion

Money raised in wake of Cecil death tops $780 000

The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) said the “incredible” response to an appeal launched after Cecil’s death meant that the team could spread its conservation work beyond Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, where Cecil was killed, to “surrounding landscapes in adjoining countries”.