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This day in history: Remembering legendary Walter Sisulu

Today in history: happy birthday Walter Sisulu, Metrorail arrests, rebels take Kinshasa, Anglo-Boer war negotiations and Rhodes donates a statue to Cape Town.

This day in history: The Pope comes to Africa

Today in history: the pope visits Africa, SA bans Another Brick in the Wall, and the first flight from London to Johannesburg is successfully completed, amongst others.

This day in history: SA withdraws from the Commonwealth

Today in history: SA withdraws from the Commonwealth, Collins Chabane dies, rebels take Kisangani, a rugby hero is born and a school is founded.

This day in history: ANC London office bombed

This day in history marks the birth of a popular footballer, a bombing, Koeberg coming online, a leader deposed and a murder.

President Joseph Kabila

Catholic Church Throws Weight Behind Congo Protests

The Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo has backed protests against President Joseph Kabila extending his rule, calling for peaceful demonstrations until a census is held. Catholic Church head Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya in a statement said “certain political men, with the security forces” were in “desolation” and causing insecurity. “Stop killing your people,”