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Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the council says while market forces will determine the final price of Rooibos the increase is unlikely to be as high, because the production cycle of Rooibos runs over four years.

Rooibos tea could mitigate negative effects of heavy boozing

After consuming copious amounts of alcohol during the festive season, it might do the majority of the population good, if South Africans resolve to follow the recent trend in the UK, where an increasing number of Brits have swapped booze for healthier beverage options, such as tea, for an entire month. This is known as ‘Dry January’.

Tim Noakes

The Low-Carb Diet: Is the Tide Turning?

The debate over carbohydrates, sparked locally by exercise science professor Tim Noakes, continues to rage over dinner tables and in the medical community. In a recent debate at the Vitality Summit in Sandton on Friday Johannesburg cardiologist Anthony Dalby called Noakes’ high fat, low carbohydrate diet ‘criminal’. But an article in the medical blog Healio