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Pic of the Day: Looming humanitarian crisis

Pic of the Day: Looming humanitarian crisis

Food distribution is not one of MSF’s main functions, but the organization decided to step as a preventative measure when they realized that people were not receiving sufficient sustenance.


Gov condemns xenophobia, but targets foreigners as criminals – MSF

“People in the camps in Durban have expressed scepticism about reintegrating into back into communities where 6 weeks ago they were systematically targeted because they are foreigners – regardless of being migrants or refugees. There have also been documented violent incidents involving police in the camps,” said the MSF.


Doctors Without Borders to help in xenophobia displacement camps

“In Phoenix Camp, we treated a man who had multiple arm fractures. Only three hours earlier, he had been severely beaten by a mob of 15 men. They threw him into the river after the attack, but he managed to survive. We have seen pockets of violence targeting individuals.”