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Severe international concern over welfare of wild baby elephants in trade

Severe international concern over welfare of wild baby elephants in trade

Regulations governing the extensive trade in wild-caught baby elephants require only that they are housed in suitably equipped facilities, inappropriate and acceptable destinations, however, in reality conditions in these facilities fail to care for the welfare of baby elephants.

Trump halts lifting of import ban on elephant trophies following global outcry

US President Donald Trump and his Department of Interior Affairs Secretary Ryan Zinke have halted the reversal of a ban on importation of elephant hunt trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The sudden decision follows global outcry and protests from animal rights groups.

Eco-scamming: Making a killing on kindness

A petition appeared on change.org a few months ago to raise money to ‘save 80 elephants who will be shot unless we move them’ from Atherstone Nature Reserve in Limpopo. But there was hope: ‘We have found a home for all 80 elephants! They will be able to roam freely with their families, safe from hunters and poachers.’

More elephants poisoned in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park

More than 14 elephants, including a mother and her young calf, have been poisoned in and around Zimbabwe’s premier game reserve, Hwange National Park. Most of the poisoned elephants died near the south of the park. Some had their tusks hacked off. The others were found outside the northern sector of the park in state forestry land.