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Kidnapped French Children Shown In Islamist’s YouTube Video

Yaoundé – A video that appears to show seven French citizens, including four children, who were kidnapped by Islamists in northern Cameroon last week has been posted YouTube. The video shows armed men dressed in camouflage alongside two men, a woman and four children, while another militant reads a statement to the camera. The kidnappers claim

Second French Commando Dies After Failed Hostage Rescue

Mogadishu – A second French soldier has died from gunshot wounds after an attempt to rescue a French agent failed on Saturday, Somalia’s al Shabaab rebel group said on Monday. “The second commando died from his bullet wounds. We shall display the bodies of the two French men,” Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, spokesman for al


PARIS – An 18th-century chateau in a small French village in Bordeaux was mistakenly bulldozed to specks leaving villagers up in arms.  The hired workers were supposed to demolish a small building on the estates grounds, but instead tore down the entire 13,000-square-metre chateau.  The estate was recently bought by a Russian millionaire who runs an