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Robbers Opt For R10 Over iPhone

A father and daughter were robbed in by a group of armed men in Florida Road, Durban, on Tuesday. According to a report in The Mercury, the suspects demanded cash and refused to take the victims’ iPhone. The attack happened as the 44-year old father dropped off his 19-year old daughter at an ice-cream shop

Apple Working On Next iPhone Technology

California – Technology company Apple is reportedly working on a larger iPhone model with glass curves and pressure-sensitive touchscreens, revealed a Bloomberg report on Monday. According to the report Apple plans to release 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones at the same time, with glass curves at the edges. This would diverge from the current designs

Richard Barnes

British Politician Angered After Nude ‘Selfies’ Appear On Facebook

London – The former deputy mayor of London, Richard Barnes was horrified when he found out about naked self portraits on his personal Facebook page. Barnes (65), the Conservative councillor for Hillingdon in west London, reportedly claimed he had been hacked. “[It was] utterly and totally a mistake. I’ve been hacked into. I’ve no idea

Android Now Supports Microsoft Office

Android users can now enjoy Microsoft Office on their mobiles just like their iPhone counterparts. Starting Wednesday, Office 365 subscribers will be able to download and run the Office Mobile app for Android. The Android version of Office only works on phones. Owners of Android tablets, just like iPad users, will have to settle for