Oscar Trial: Darren Fresco Takes The Stand

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Pretoria – State witness Darren Fresco took the stand on Tuesday afternoon to give evidence on the two incidents the state is using to depict murder accused Oscar Pistorius as a volatile, trigger happy individual. Fresco testified on the Tasha’s shooting incident, as well as the incident in which Pistorius fired a shot through the sunroof of a car.

According to Fresco he told Pistorius, “There is one up” when he passed his gun under the table to the paralympian at popular Johannesburg restaurant, Tasha’s.

He said he assumed Pistorius was competent with weapons because he had “a great love” for them.

Fresco said there was no specific safety clip on the gun in question, a glock.

“There is a hairline trigger you have to decompress and pull through for the weapon to fire,” said Fresco.

He told the court that after the gun went off, Fresco did not think Pistorius realised he had cycled another bullet into the chamber of the gun. He said he believed Pistorius pulled the trigger to “make it safe”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Fresco testified on Pistorius shooting his gun through the sunroof of a car. He said they had been pulled over for speeding, and Pistorius and the police officer engaged in a verbal dispute.

Fresco said that after they drove on, Pistorius fired a shot through the sunroof without warning.

“Without prior warning, he shot out the sunroof,” he said. “Apologies for my language my lady, but I asked him if he was f**** mad.”

Fresco said he had constant ringing in his ear after Pistorius fired the shot, and it felt like he was bleeding from it.

Defence advocate Barry Roux has not yet begun his cross-examination of the witness.

More to follow.

photo credit: StockMonkeys.com via photopin cc

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