Oscar Trial: Roux Picks Apart Fresco’s Testimony

Oscar Pistorius

Pretoria – Defence advocate Barry Roux began another grueling cross-examination on Tuesday, after witness Darren Fresco told the court his side of events in the incidents where murder accused Oscar Pistorius let off a gun in a busy restaurant and shot through the sun roof of a car.

Roux asked Fresco how many times they were pulled over on the day of the sunroof incident. Fresco said they were pulled over twice, the first for not having a number plate and the second for speeding.

“I can’t remember how fast I was driving that day,” said Fresco. Roux said he was driving at 260km/h.

Roux asked Fresco whether he recalled wanting to shoot a traffic light. Fresco said he could not remember that. He said Pistorius fired the shot after they had visited friends, and that no one was angry or laughing about it.

An earlier witness, Samantha Taylor, had testified that Fresco and Pistorius were anxious after being stopped by the police officer. She said the two wanted to shoot a traffic light, and moments later Pistorius fired a shot through the sunroof of the car.

Earlier, Roux argued that Fresco did not mention Pistorius asking him to take the blame for firing the gun accidentally at Tasha’s restaurant in Melrose Arch. Fresco said he did not deliberately exclude that information.

Roux then argued that the owner of the restaurant, Jason Loupis, came to their table first, and not the manager, Loupis’s wife, as Fresco earlier testified. Fresco admitted to not reading through his statement before testifying.

Court is adjourned for lunch until 2pm.

More to follow.

photo credit: Global Sports Forum via photopin cc

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