Cast A Strategic Vote On Wednesday – M&G


The Mail & Guardian on Friday published a bold editorial urging the public not to vote for the ruling ANC party in the national elections on Wednesday.

“We expressed excitement in 1994 about what South Africa stood to achieve as a country. Some voters feared what lay ahead, but the majority believed an ANC-led government would realise their long-suppressed hopes and aspirations,” the editorial stated.

“Today, in the faction-ridden party of 2014, national and provincial cabinets are packed with incompetents who owe their positions to their loyalty to Jacob Zuma,” it said.

The publication asked people to “vote tactically” and dilute the ruling party’s power by casting their vote for any party but the ANC.

“Perhaps the most alarming product of years of single-party dominance has been the growth of political arrogance and unaccountability,” it said. “As its cynical response to the Nkandla scandal illustrates, the ANC feels it can brush aside criticism and public concern because it believes its right to govern is assured.”

The editorial concluded: “Never before has the M&G urged readers to oppose the ANC. But we do so now because the aim is to make the ANC more effective and responsive.”

“It is to hold it to the values it espoused in 1994. It is a tactic that should be palatable even to those who have historically supported the party.”

photo credit: Darryn van der Walt via photopin cc


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