ACDP Jumps onto Sex Shop Outrage Bandwagon


The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has joined the governing ANC party’s call to oppose the opening of an adult shop in front of the buildings of Parliament.

Adult World, the shop in question, reportedly attempted to open in 2004 but was closed after strong objections were launched. It has now opened its doors on Plein street in Cape Town.

ACDP’s Cheryllyn Dudley said the party will ask the City of Cape Town to explain how the adult shop was given the go ahead to open its doors so close to parliament.

“Our understanding is that the City of Cape Town approves land use and gives licences and our ACDP Councillors will be taking up the matter with the relevant authorities in the City,” she said.

Dudley added that a sex shop right outside of Parliament is inappropriate because it lowers the tone and image of Parliament as an institution.

“Children are constant visitors to Parliament as schools are encouraged to include visits in their curriculum – unnecessary exposure to this sort of thing is completely irresponsible,” she said.

Meanwhile, ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani said the party will request Parliament to seek a legal opinion regarding the lawfulness of having the store trading in front of the institution.

“The City of Cape Town must, within the context of its own bylaws, also explain the decision to permit such business next to Parliament,” he said.

photo credit: Wildebeast1 via photopin cc

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