SA Film ‘Four Corners’ To Represent At UK Democracy Tour

Four Corners

South Africa’s award winning coming-of-age story “Four Corners” is set to tour various film events in South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK) to mark the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy.

“We are very excited to be part of the Democracy Tour,” said the film’s director Ian Gabriel.

“The film opens a window on marginal South African communities and tells a positive coming of age story set in tough circumstances.”

The film is expected to screen at a number of UK film festivals under the title “Post-Apartheid Challenges”. The film will screen at cinemas across the UK – from London to Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol, Glasgow and Wales, with the intention of building UK African cinema audiences and raising the profile of African cinema in the UK.

“The ‘forgotten community’ depicted in Four Corners is only one of the many marginal societies in South Africa whose voice is only faintly heard despite the 20 year old challenge to deliver inclusive democracy to all South Africans,” said Gabriel.

“We’re proud that Four Corners has been added to the voices calling for broadening of democracy among youth in South Africa.”

“Four Corners” will be featured alongside other South African productions, “Life Above All” and “Miners Shot Down”. The tour is expected to begin in early October 2014 and run until February 2015.

The film, which already garnered two Best Film awards, has also been selected for a competition at The Santa Fe Film Festival USA and The Bahamas International Film Festival.

Image Source: Mad Moth Communications

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