Chicken foot found in Pick n Pay Boerewors

Priscilla Beukes
pick n pay

A woman purchased a Boerewors package from Pick n Pay in Hillcrest, Pretoria, where she allegedly found a chicken foot inside.

Priscilla Beukes posted a picture of the boerewors containing a chicken’s foot on Facebook, which she captioned: “Bought this wors from Pick n Pay, Hillcrest, Pretoria. Look what we found inside. Never again will we buy meat stuff from there ever again. It’s most disgusting”

An employee at the Pick n Pay branch confirmed to SA Breaking News that the complaint had in fact been made, and that PnP head office were dealing with the issue.

She was not authorised to give further information.

Beukes commented on the post that she had reported it to management, however no one had gotten back to her.

However, a Pick n Pay spokesperson later said: “Pick n Pay is aware of the picture on Facebook, we have made contact with the customer, apologised and refunded her for the product, and are investigating this matter.”

Attempts to reach Beukes have failed thus far.