Baby boy left in ‘Heldeberg Baby Saver’


A desperate Cape Town mother left her baby boy in a secure drop-off box at Helderberg clinic. The boy was placed in the ‘Heldeberg Baby Saver’ on Monday afternoon.

The boy was the first arrival since the baby saver was set up at Choices Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Centre last year. He is about a month old and was dressed in a babygrow and had a blanket and dummy with him according to News24.

Project founder, Sandy Immelman told the site on Tuesday, that it was clear his mother loved and looked after him and “rather than throwing him away, she put the baby in the Saver.”

Immelman handed out informative posters and went to many clinics, spreading awareness about the saver. She hopes women who are in similar situations will make use of the drop-off facility. Immelman set up the project with Judith Cross, a Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch member, in response to babies being dumped in the area.

“When people are desperate, there are options,” she stressed. Immelman’s project offers another choice. Other than the ‘Heldeberg Baby Saver’, the clinic offers counselling and other forms of assistance.

A high priority alert was sent to a security company the minute the weight of the baby boy triggered the pressure-sensitive plate, activating the alarm. Everyone sprang into action, “All were there within minutes of the alert coming through. Everything worked absolutely smoothly,” said Immelman.

“We are really relieved that what has been put in place has saved a life.”