DJ Sbu: ‘All my savings gone, all my cars gone’


DJ Sbu has been vocal about his financial struggles even posting on social media that he is broke and had to sacrifice all his cars to keep his dream alive since fired from Metro FM.

Taking to Instagram, DJ Sbu said he was fired for his dream and he will not stop to pursue it until he reach success. DJ Sbu was fired after he promoted his energy drink MoFaya during the Metro FM Music Awards in 2015.

“Exactly this week a year ago I had just been Fayad from my radio job & I was a subject of ridicule from mediocre minds. A year later today we are humbled to be blessed with our 2nd company delivery vehicle hardly a month after our 1st,” he wrote on Instagram.

“We have invested all our cash, brains, energy, time, blood sweat & tears to keep our dream alive. I personally have had no income for 13 months. Had to borrow from friends. Some judged & laughed behind my back. Only a few helped.

“All my savings gone, all my cars gone. I currently don’t even own a vehicle. Downgraded everything. You can’t even see me drink champagne or buy any new clothes.

“The struggle is real fellas. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted, weak & timid. How much are you willing to sacrifice to see your dream become a reality?”

On a separate post he wrote: “I know what I want & how to get it. I’m no loser. I’m no quitter. I’m not ordinary. I’m a douchebag. I’m crazy. I’m willing to do what many won’t. That’s why I’m going to succeed. I’m unstoppable. I’ve got balls of steel. I’m too stubborn with my dreams. I don’t give up. I see what they can’t. They lack foresight. Heart of a lion. Spirit of a true warrior. I represent my generation. I’m the new face of entrepreneurship. If I’m in it, it’s going to be a SUCCESS. I’m a fighter. A winner. A conquerer. A gamechanger. A visionary. A legacy builder.”