Five Work Lunch Hacks


It’s difficult to have the wherewithal to plan out work lunches for each work week (every week!) but there are many reasons why it’s a habit worth honing.

Two of the biggest motivations for trying your best to take lunch with you to work every day is your health and your financial situation. You’ll only end up eating unhealthy food, and will spend a fortune doing so.

Avoid this double pitfall with these five work lunch hacks:

1. Experiment With Sandwich Options

Your lunch sandwich does not have to involve two pieces of boring brown bread. Experiment with other options, such as whole wheat wraps, or whole grain pita pockets. And you don’t even have to stop there! Remember, crackers are also a sandwich of a sort. As for fillings, opt for minimal spread, lean meats, a small amount of dairy, and a lot of greens.

2. Sneak in Some Vegetables

Once you manage to get your head around the concept, you realise that it’s actually not that difficult to eat those pesky five fruit and veg they’re always telling us about. Your sandwich filling can include slices of, for example, baby marrow, pumpkin, squash or cucumber. You can also substitute fatty spreads like mayo and margarine with things like hummus or crushed avocado.

3. Use Those Leftovers!

Food left over from the previous night’s supper is a big bonus when it comes to easy work lunch. And if you want to have even more impressive foresight, cook supper with the idea in mind that you want to take some of it for lunch.  You can also cook more dinner than you need, and then freeze single portions in containers.

4. Meal in a Glass

Get a ton of nutrients during the day with healthy homemade smoothies or juices. Try to make these the night before, or in the morning if you must, by blending a juice that’s 80 percent veggies and 20 percent fruit (this is mostly just to make it a little sweet).

5. Keep Provisions

Make sure you don’t get caught short with absolutely nothing to eat on those inevitable days where you just didn’t manage to get it together. Stock up your desk with on-perishable healthy snacks like dried fruit, veggie chips, fresh fruits, rice crackers, a kind of spread, tinned food, etc.