Mbete: ANC branches might want early conference


Chairman of the African National Congress, Baleka Mbete, acknowledged there was the distinct possibility an early elective conference would be scheduled, following the performance of the party at the Local Government Elections.

At this juncture, the National Executive Committee of the ANC remains adamant that the entire executive should shoulder responsibility for the poor performances in Gauteng. However, the jury is out on whether taking responsibility will mean change.

Mbete does think there are strong enough murmurs in some branches, which suggest that change might be on the horizon.

“Should we have an early conference? Maybe that is what the branches will say to us,” Mbete told journalists in Cape Town this weekend.

However, she does not think that spells crisis for the governing party, suggesting that this was an important part of democracy and that the people must always be heard.

“That is not a crisis,” added Mbete.

Branches are an important cog in the ANC machine, and Mbete thinks that there might perhaps be an opportunity for the party to re-evaluate its position on branches, in an attempt to make them work better for the party and ultimately for the country.

“We need to re-engineer the branch,” said Mbete.