Tau: ANC needs to stand up for revolutionary gains


Former Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau said the African National Congress had no choice but to course correct, following the outcome of the Local Government Elections earlier this month.

Speaking in Johannesburg this weekend, Tau, said there was no doubt the performances in Gauteng were a major setback. However, he insisted that this would not be the end of the story for the governing party in that region.

“Whilst it is a setback, maybe it will jolt us in the correct path,” Tau told supporters at the weekend.

“I shouldn’t say maybe, because it must jolt us in the correct path,” added Tau.

There has been some sentiment that Tau was actually a good Mayor, during his tenure at the helm of Johannesburg, but that he suffered the consequences for the failures of the organisation’s national leadership.

Corruption, incompetence and the abuse of power are major national issues and were central to the campaigns of many opposition parties during the election cycle. Those factors cannot be ignored and Tau knows they cannot be ignored.

“If we do not stand up, we risk the gains of our revolution, we risk the advancement of the transformation agenda and indeed we risk South Africa itself,” said Tau.