Nestlé find a way to reduce sugar content in chocolate without affecting the taste


This will be music to anyone’s ears who loves chocolate but is concerned about its high sugar content. Nestlé has discovered a new, fast-dissolving sugar that will reduce the amount of sugar used in its chocolate by 40%.

Nestlé’s researchers have discovered a way to reconstruct sugar using only natural ingredients. This enables the company to use much less sugar in their chocolate without affecting the taste. They claim that the tongue will not be able to discern any difference.

The sugar is in the process of being patented and the aim is to have it ready for use across a range of their products from 2018. More details regarding the roll-out of the first products to use this new sugar will be released next year.

The development of this new sugar will help Nestlé accelerate it’s efforts to meet it’s public commitment to improving the nutritional profile of products by reducing the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat they contain, while at the same time increasing the amount of healthier nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and whole grain in their products.