Zuma: We have made mistakes


President of the African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, said the leadership of the party accepted that mistakes had been made under their watch, adding that remedial action was being taken to ensure that those mistakes are not made again.

The 2017 year will be an important one for the ANC, as it prepares for its elective conference this December.

The party is about to enter a new era and managing that transition will be critical, for the future of the party and – according the ANC – the future of South Africa.

“We accept that we have made mistakes and we shall correct these mistakes,” said Zuma during his January Statement at the Orlando Stadium on Sunday.

An area of great contention for members in the build-up to the Local Government Elections last year, was the managing of the party list process.

It is an aspect that many believe contributed significantly to the poor performance of the governing party in Gauteng, particularly in Pretoria.

“Where list processes have been manipulated, the ANC has sent teams to these regions to take the necessary corrective measures,” added Zuma.

Zuma told supporters in Soweto that deployees must respect their people, and listen to the them during these critical processes. Zuma said that public servants ought to also listen to people and respond to their most pressing concerns.

“The ANC must be a listening and humble organisation. We must learn from President OR Tambo.”