McConnell reaches out to Democrats


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and insists that it would be prudent for the Democratic caucus to work with Republicans to this end.

He is also convinced that many within the Democratic caucus are actually prepared to work together with Republicans in this pursuit.

“Some Democratic Senators have mused publicly about their role in that process. I hope they’ll work with us,” McConnell told Fox News readers this week.

The division between the Democratic and Republican parties have been more entrenched during Barack Obama’s tenure at the helm.

However, McConnell believes those can now be healed under a Trump administration and under a Republican controlled Congress. The Senate Majority Leader said he was prepared to lend the Democrats an ear.

“We want their ideas to improve our health care system. We want to find ways to work together on this important issue,” added McConnell.

For much of the past two terms and certainly during the election campaigns, Obamacare was quite possibly the most significant election issue for the GOP establishment. McConnell believes the party is one step closer to realising its objectives in that regard.

“There will be a stable transition period, and once repeal is passed we will turn to replacement policies that cost less and work better than what we have now,” added McConnell.

“We plan to take on this challenge in manageable pieces, not another 2,700-page bill like ObamaCare,” said McConnell.