Simon’s Town mosque violation is a ‘hate crime’


The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) secretary-general Sheikh Isgaak Taliep says that the incident that occurred at the Simon’s Town mosque on Saturday morning is a ‘hate crime’.

On Saturday morning, just after morning prayer time, a caretaker discovered a severed pig snout, as well as pig’s blood at the entrance of the holy building.

Muslims do not consume pig/pork products, as part of their religion.

“The MJC believes that the rights of the broader Muslim community have definitely been violated, and this is something that will never be tolerated.

“The MJC continues to condemn all forms of racism, discrimination, Islamophobia, xenophobia and all forms of human rights violations. The MJC reiterates that places of worship are places of sanctity and as such all such places of worship must be respected.

“We call upon all Muslims to be law-abiding citizens and act in accordance with the law of our country.

“In exercising our rights as citizens, the MJC has lodged an official complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission… for justice and freedom to prevail.

“A criminal charge has also been lodged against the perpetrator of this particular crime at the Simon’s Town police station.”

Advocate Mohamed Shafie Ameermia, Commissioner of the South African Humans Rights Commission (SAHRC), said “We take this matter very seriously and a violation is a violation. We will not tolerate intolerance.

“We really want now to go to Parliament and legislate for hate crimes to be criminalised because I think that more than 20 years into democracy we keep on talking about these things, but it’s falling on deaf ears.”

Mayor Patricia De Lille commented; “Every day, we urge residents to work with us as we build an inclusive city where all kinds of diversity are celebrated. The true beauty of our city lies in all cultures living together. There is no place for religious intolerance in our city.

“Now is the time for all the people of Cape Town to stand together and reject those who disrespect the religious practices and choices of others. Freedom of religion is enshrined in our Constitution, and this right must be safeguarded.”